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From: sundowner
The QAD ad and the Burris ad each occupy one third of my screen. And there is no way to close them. This is the only site I've seen where is ads can't be closed.

From: APauls
click the little white x top right corner.

From: Smtn10PT
far right of the screen there is an x

It's just temporary because of Covid

From: Hackbow
4 nolz...I just snorted

sundowner...put on your reading glasses. the little white 'x' is very hard to see, especially on phones. If you don't tap it just right, the ad will pop up. Only slightly annoying and it makes me feel good to be a small part of helping Pat purchase his next plot of hunting ground or vacation home.

02-Sep-21 a Community Forum and have popups only there? Most traffic anyway.

I find the ad easy to X on my phone. Don't think its a big deal. Minor nuisance

From: Old School
Super easy to close. Expanding your screen first makes it easier to hit the “X” on the pop up.

From: deerhunter72
The ads are fairly recent and you can't fault Pat. He could've done that years ago to make more money.

From: sitO
Probably not as easy to close on a flip-phone I reckon

From: Ok...Russ
I think he's referring to the ads at the top of the screen not the ones on the bottom. I can close the ones on the bottom but don't see a white 'x' on the top ones. Just click Forums and the top is a Camofire ad that I can't close. I'm on my home computer but it's running XP on a 14" 720p monitor so pretty current before you start commenting sitO. :)

From: Will
They annoyed me at first, because they were new. But you gotta pay the bills. And the price to operate a site like this likely keeps climbing. I'd rather Pat make me click little x's than he put in a paywall. Plus, I like to shoot bows, so hitting x's is something I like to do.

From: JL
Whoever likes the ads....let me know and I'll copy/past them and forward them to your inbox. :-)

From: Jethro
Does anybody live close to sundowner that can run over there and show him the little x? Poor guy has been trying to close that Qad ad for months.

From: t-roy
Maybe his sister, Debbie, could show him….

Haha Troy

From: RK
I love advertising. But then again I am a capitalist

15 days to slow the spread…

From: Stekewood
T-roy!!! Hahaha!


DiRTY MiKE 's embedded Photo
DiRTY MiKE 's embedded Photo

From: Matt
"Maybe his sister, Debbie, could show him…."

Made my day. Probably not his, but mine.


From: Scoot
Bwahahaha, T with a gem!

From: Rut Nut
t-roy is the KING of one liners! : )

From: Teeton
On my phone I do find them annoying. I don't think it's a covid thing. As outdoor activities took a major jump with covid. The ski industry had a banner year last winter, as did hunting and fishing. All had upswings. Personal I believe all forums are taking hits from all the groups that are showing up on facebook. I used to frequent 4 or 5 outdoor hunting forums. I'm down to about 2 forums and don't frequent them as much.. But belong to 8 or 10 different hunting groups on Facebook. The parts I really can't stand on facebook or forums is political posts. On facebook I dropped about 25 friends because of political posts all the time.

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