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Bowfreak 05-Sep-21
PECO 05-Sep-21
Treeline 05-Sep-21
t-roy 05-Sep-21
[email protected] 05-Sep-21
Highlife 05-Sep-21
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greg simon 05-Sep-21
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greg simon 06-Sep-21
From: Bowfreak

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I'm screwing up posting this because somebody will jump and buy the whole lot, but looking for someone to go in halves. We can discuss later how to split up the bows. I've got $6k burning a hole in my pocket.

From: PECO
I spent my $6K on the latest game changing camo. Sorry, I'm out.

From: Treeline
Maybe a decimal off???

From: t-roy
The Wildgame innovations crossbow is the dealbreaker for me. I wouldn’t give Big Bill Busbice or his idiot kid, a dime of my money.

Bowfreak……are you sure that hole is in your “pocket”? ;-)

X2 on Buspice

From: Highlife
I could pay for a Cape buffalo hunt including air fare for that kind of money.

From: Rut Nut
He CAN’T be serious..............

From: greg simon
Notice the price is 1,2,3,4,5. Not to mention about 11 grand to high.

What the heck Bowfreak, I’m in. But only if you take the crossbow!!!

From: JL
Did anyone take the time to notice the numbers in the price......1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6?? I noticed that first thing this morning when I looked at the ad. I figure he was just punching in some numbers so the ad would post?? I would guess the total price for the lot would not exceed $4K to $4.5K.....maybe lower.

From: Chuckster
Wheww!!! Thought someone found another "deal" on coolers for a minute.

From: BC173
T-Roy for the win

From: greg simon
JL, I noticed. ;)

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