Tiny ticks
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From: Bowfreak
I went squirrel hunting last weekend. When I got home I asked my wife to do a quick check. I had hundreds, not an exaggeration, hundreds of these things on me. We used one of those sticky lint rollers to remove lists of them and then my wife picked picked them off with tweezers. It was ridiculous.

Fast forward to today....I did some scouting for a few hours and hung a trail camera. I did this after I treated my clothes with permathrin. I came home this evening and same thing. I've got hundreds on me again. Most are like the size of a pepper fleck. I zoomed way in with my phone and could see a white dot on some of the larger ones. Assuming they are lone star ticks.

This season is going to suck if something doesn't give. I assume we will need cool or cold weather before they aren't as bad?

Seed ticks?

From: midwest
Hard to believe the permethrin didn't work....dang!

From: LBshooter
Wow, x2 Midwest. I'd be looking for one of those cdc suits that they use to protect against viruses and wear camo over it. Lol

From: Bake

Either spray them with Repel while on skin, or douse yourself in a thick lotion. Shower won’t get them off.

I dope up with spray and permethrin anymore and rarely get them. But I used to get into them bad every year. I have scars on my ankles from repeated encounters with those damn things

From: RK
Seed ticks. They suck

From: Bowfreak
Could bey permathrin is bad. Not sure how long I've had it but it's been a few years.

From: Thornton
I had over 100 on me after walking through standing corn to check cameras in Kansas. Had to scrape them off with a knife and get a prescription for doxycycline after I developed body aches. After my old lab died from the tick borne disease erlichia, I stopped going to the timber in the summer. A few years later, I was hunting opening day in September and I looked down to see the same kind of ticks crawling up my pants and rubber boots that I had saturated with DEET. I quickly climbed down and sunk my pants under a big rock in the creek below my tree and commenced hunting in my underwear. If you stay out of tall undergrowth, they dont seem to be as prevalent.

From: Kevin Dill
Actually the nymph stage of certain ticks.

My personal strategy is to spray clothes with permethrin and let dry. Get dressed. Tuck pant legs into boot tops, and then duct tape that area to stop invaders. Spray boots and lower pants with high-percentage DEET just before going in the woods. When finished, undress and leave clothes outside...take a good shower immediately. If I follow this routine I get essentially no ticks or chigger bites ever.

From: Dale06
Just returned from Ks dove shoot. Walked through quite a bit of knee to waist high weeds. Had zero ticks. My clothes had the peretermin treatment a week prior. I do that religiously and it seems to work for me.

From: Woods Walker
Just wear a mask! ;-)

From: 2Wild Bill
Could they be chiggers?

From: TGbow
i have problens with red bugs at times

From: DanaC
Not sure deet bothers ticks. I buy the 'picardin' based stuff and it specifies that it repels ticks. (Actually I use all three including permethrin, depending on what's biting...)

From: wvfarrier
We use permethrin infused clothes for the kids after one of them got a target lesion from a nymph. It was so damn small we thought it was a freckle.

From: Old School
I do what Kevin does. Treat clothes, tuck pants into rubber boots and duct tape boot tops. Anytime I don’t do that I get hundreds of tiny ticks as well here in MO. Counted over 400 one time…

From: Pop-r
Deet works very well for ticks. Even as low as 45% formulas keep them knocked off pretty well. Go above that it works better. 100% feet is very difficult to find nowadays. Ticks are an everyday part of life here. I've had millions on me and hate them but chiggers are the worst!

From: Shiras42
Had hundreds on me when skinning the velvet buck I shot this year in Nebraska. Have never experienced that before.

From: lewis
I religiously treat my clothes once a year with permethrin and rarely ever get a tick plus we live in tick city the plateau is covered in ticks. I have been doing it close to 25 years.Those seed ticks are a big pain in the ass.Good luck Lewis

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