Will The border open to Canucks by Dec?
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spike buck 03-Oct-21
TGbow 03-Oct-21
Bou'bound 03-Oct-21
butcherboy 03-Oct-21
newfi1946moose 03-Oct-21
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midwest 03-Oct-21
itshot 03-Oct-21
bentstick54 03-Oct-21
From: spike buck
What's your thoughts on USA opening back up land border to Canadians by December?? We had to cancel one major trip and lost deposits. Next for our group is Dec. Trip a vacation only. We are all vaccinated and ready to go!!

From: TGbow
Spike, I think you are on the wrong border...I hope they do open it back up but who knows

From: Bou'bound
You should be good by then.

From: butcherboy
Fly to Mexico and then come right across!

We spent the summer in an RV park in far up northern NY. The park is over two-thirds Canadian. Some Canadians were flying in to Plattsburgh and settling into their boats on Lake Champlain. No reason land crossings for Canadians not to be immediately lifted.

From: Timbrhuntr
Just watched my Montana hunts September go by now watching October in Nebraska pass by and next will be November in Kansas and Michigan another depressing year !! But I'm sure Biden knows what he is doing insert eye roll !! I guess I could hope for muzzleloader in Michigan in December as Bou'bound says should be good to go lol Hope you can get in for vacation spike buck I have given up on my reserved spots for down south and just hoping for 2022 !

From: midwest
That's funny, butcherboy....sort of. lol

From: itshot
now i understand what kamala (c'omma-'law') means when she claims our borders are not open....

north side is tight

move along, nothing to see here

Yeah, I can’t seem to understand why we haven’t opened the land border for our northern neighbors. Makes no sense at all.

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