Poaching Decoy. Oregon
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From: soccern23ny

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From: DanaC
"The crimes are Class A misdemeanors, just below felony offenses. Punishments can include a three-year hunting-license suspension, forfeiture of evidence, court-mandated fines, loss of accrued preference points, restitution, and probation.

Additionally, under the Wildlife Violator Compact, hunters with suspended licenses cannot purchase licenses or tags in the 48 states that participate in the Compact."

I still say 'public flogging'

From: APauls
Not sure why they wait until deer season to deploy. Use it before the season and catch the worst of them.

From: spike78
I find it amusing in the picture below of the confiscated guns pointed right at the troopers.

From: skookumjt
I believe in WI they have been required to use small racked decoys because using big bucks is essentially considered entrapment. Completely ridiculous. Doesn't matter if it's a 200" whitetail. Shooting it at night, off a road, or on someone else's property are all illegal.

From: Shuteye
I let the Natural Resource police set up a decoy on my property. They have done it before the season in the past. They have caught lots of low life shooters over the years. They had to get a new buck last year since the old one was shot up so bad. The buck can raise and lower his head. Can also turn it's head to the side and wag it's tail. The funniest time was when two girls got out of their car and try and shoo the deer away. Some times people stop and take pictures. They set it up day and night.

From: WapitiBob
Oregon has done the decoy thing for decades. They used to have a video reel going at shows, that thing was awesome.

From: txhunter58
Good thread

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