Manitoba Hunter Shot and Killed
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APauls 08-Oct-21
Treeline 08-Oct-21
deerhunter72 08-Oct-21
badguybuster 08-Oct-21
Thornton 08-Oct-21
midwest 09-Oct-21
TGbow 09-Oct-21
From: APauls

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Tragic. I just don't understand how this happens. My best friend hunts a mile from where this happened.

From: Treeline
Horrible! Hard to believe that this can ever occur!

From: deerhunter72
What a shame...terrible.

It is

Inexcusable….. period.

So sorry for everyone involved. This is just terrible.

From: badguybuster
This crap is why I quit turkey hunting

From: Thornton
Bad deal. Those drives they do in Manitoba reminded me of the crazy redneck deer drives we used to do here in Kansas before all the leasing and feeders made every wood lot a hallowed baiting area. Our best drive yielded 11 does in less than two hours. It's a wonder nobody got shot, even hunting the wide open. On the drives we did in Manitoba, I couldn't even see the next guy 100 yards away the poplars were so thick.

From: midwest
Awful. I'd rather be the dead guy than the guy who shot him.

From: TGbow
So sad. There is no excuse for shooting and not identifying your target

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