Binos Vortex vs Meopta
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aggiebow88 29-Oct-21
From: aggiebow88
Haven't posted in a while. Looking at new glass for early Christmas. Narrowed it down to Vortex 8x42 Viper HD Binoculars or Meopta MeoPro 8x42 HD Binoculars I can get either for the same $$. Bow hunt KS and AR. Thoughts on these 2?

From: Brotsky

From: Buffalo1
Meopta is a higher grade of optics glass

From: peterk1234
I can vouch for the meopta. I have the meopta meostar 10X42 HD. Spectacular. Early in the morning when I can't make anything out with my eyes, the meoptas make it clear as day.

From: BowHiker
In the range of the viper, I researched and looked through many... For me the vipers fit me and my eyes the best... love mine... didn't think in a million years I'd go vortex but dang glad I did with mine...

From: tradi-doerr
x2 BowHiker

From: aggiebow88
thanks all!

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