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Question for everyone.

My seven-year-old second grader has become a voracious reader. Over the summer he finished the magic tree House series.

We just moved into a new house and he found a box of my hunting books including the Chuck Adams super slam book. He finished that book and loved it and then tried to read some of the other books that I had and he came and told me that he didn't like them so much because the Chuck Adams book actually had stories of him hunting.

Can anyone recommend other books that include stories of actual Hunts that my seven-year-old would enjoy?


Dirty Mike

Last of the great brown bear men.

Alaska’s Wolf Man

Both have good hunting stories in them. Not bowhunting but good stories nonetheless

From: tinecounter
Although not archery related, I highly recommend Robert Ruark's "The Old Man and the Boy." Published in 1953, it recounts important, lasting life lessons a North Carolina grandfather teaches his grandson through fishing and hunting adventures. As a nine year old, I found the book captivating and reread it several times. Although dated (1953), the grandfather, grandson relationship and lessons taught are timeless. Internet reviews are glowing and accurate.

From: SB
Fred Bears field notes?...lots of hunting stories!


Altitude Sickness 's embedded Photo
Altitude Sickness 's embedded Photo
Also, Capstick “Death in the Long Grass”

Don Thomas

From: 2Wild Bill
Trap Lines North, Stephen Meader

From: Bake
Go check out Tons of books to choose from.

The Defending wildlife books are written by state and federal wildlife and game officer Terry Grosz. Short stories of his most memorable investigations and or busts over the years.

From: No Mercy

No Mercy's Link
Crimson Arrows is an awesome book! Eyad Yehyawi is a member here - you can order direct from him-see the link

From: Dale06
Death in the Long Grass, by Capstick. Non archery, but a great read.

Another vote for Crimson Arrows.

From: APauls
Bookmark all the great bowsite hunting stories and let him have a go at those! Hard to get better stories than that!

Big Buck Magazine usually has a lot of stories. Though not as great. FWIW the Tom Miranda video series on his super slam is a GREAT DVD set.

From: Scoot
Anything that Capstick wrote is great- he's got several (Death in the... Long Grass, Silent Places, Dark Continent). I didn't care for the books he edited as much as the ones he wrote.

From: drycreek
Crimson Arrows x3. The collection by Jim Corbett of his exploits hunting man eating leopards and tigers in India. As a young teenager I read them over and over. Hunter, by John Hunter tells the stories of a “control hunter” and PH that were very interesting to me.

From: coach
Any of the Capstick books are great.

Thanks guys!

From: lewis
The Old Man and the Boy byR. Ruark is a great read with a bunch of life lessons I still read parts of it and I’ll be 75 this month Good luck Lewis

From: Boreal
Bows on the Little Delta.

From: Treeline
Bows in the Little Delta is a spectacular read.


Kevin Speicher 's embedded Photo
Kevin Speicher 's embedded Photo
All great books and easy reading.

From: boothill
INbowdude here on bowsite has 3 published books of hunting stories. There are adventures from around the world in them he has taken part in. Maybe he will chime in here for you. I've got all 3 and still pull one out on occasion and flip through them.

From: RT
Adventure Bowhunter by Tom Miranda is similar.

From: Shrewski
Dennis Dunn wrote a book chronicling his Super Slam called “BareBow”

From: badbull
"The Old Man and The Boy" was about the best book that I ever read and I was an adult when I read it. I also agree with what was said above regarding this book.

From: Jaquomo
Besides Crimson Arrows, Thinas McIntyre wrote a couple excellent books, including The Way of the Hunter

From: Rgiesey
Maneaters of Kumoan by jim Corbett Ishi in two worlds Read them high school to college age

From: Buckeye
I just finished 1000 campfires by Jay Massey. If you can find a copy its a great book.

From: kakiatkids
Fred Bear’s Field Notes…I’m reading it as we speak…and I have forgotten how many times

From: jmiller
Joel Spring has written some fantastic books. Season of Obsession and Ghosts of Autumn are 2 great ones to check out.

From: Papadeerhtr
Any of don Thomas books, very good reads

From: Tilzbow
Fred Bears Field notes is great. Anything by Don Thomas is excellent and he’s probably the best bow hunting writer ever, IMO. A subscription to Gray’s Sporting Journal is highly recommended. It’s the only sporting magazine I know of that has consistently excellent writing but it might be a little tough of a seven year old to understand since much of the writing is fairly high level.

From: t-roy
I LOVED Russell Annabel’s stuff, as a kid. He, probably more than anyone else, put the hunting fire in my heart. He had tremendous flair for storytelling. He was sometimes referred to as the “Alaskan Capstick”.

I was a bit disappointed to find out later, that his stuff was mostly fiction, or adventures borrowed from other parties and embellishments added by him. Still, his stories were riveting.

From: DanaC

DanaC's Link
Another 'vote' for Don Thomas.

From: DanaC
'Hunting The Hard Way' by Howard Hill. (But be warned, the lad might start looking at your gear and razzing you ;-) )

From: Killbuck
PM me your address. I'll send you some.

Loved the Adventure Bowhunter movie. Didn’t know it was a book too. I want that one too. Miranda is a bad azz!

From: 808bowhunter
Death in the long grass One with the wilderness Another that hasn’t been listed yet is “Raw Alaska” Great read with some wild Alaskan adventures

From: TXCO
Gary bogner has an archery super slam book too. Look at safari press, they have tons of hunting books.

From: DeerNut
Good book recommendations, thanks! I also love Amazon for books. But recently, when I was looking for anthem quotes, I found such a site where you can search and read the summary on books. I think this is an effective way to select books. After all, this way you will always be confident in your purchase. Thanks again!

From: GLP
Jim Zumbo has some good ones

From: Buffalo1
Dr. Dave Samuel's books

The Wensel Brothers writings

Teddy Roosevelt writings

From: spike78
Not really true hunts but when I was younger my favorite book was Where The Red Fern Grows. Story about a kid who saves his money for coon hounds and hunts with them great book!

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