Hawaii Bowhunting Help?
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So it looks like I am going to be in Maui for a week in May. My 14 year old son watched some YouTube videos of Lanai Axis Deer Hunts and really wants to make it happen if we can. Is DIY doable, are you looking at access fees, probably allocate two days to an Axis hunt is this timeline doable? Any input from those who have done it, or advise would be appreciated, also any recommendations on fishing charters out of Maui would be a plus as well, want to weigh options as far as cost effectiveness. Thanks in advance

Sorry I will clarify plan on making trip to Lanai

Haven’t been to lanai but want to. I heard it is possible, pay a trespass fee. Hard part is finding a rental vehicle. There is a camp ground, and some B&B . Also getting there? It’s probably worth figuring out

From: x-man
Send a PM to TD

From: Cazador
TD knows......... and will most likely know actual current COVID inflicted regs.

What I know, axis on Maui will be very limited. Tons of deer right down on the beach areas = private.

Lanai, state season, lots of areas to hunt. Private there can be hunted with a modest fee. Seemed to me it was $150.00 Hardest part is finding a place to stay and the vehicle. Technically there was no camping allowed although guys do it. If you had a vehicle, and were in a remote spot, I'm sure you could just sleep there without any real issue but going down to the beach along side of the four seasons, putting a tent up, hunting clothes hanging off a line blowing in the breeze, bow in truck, is not going to happen. Keep in mind the whole island is private.

Molokai has a ton of deer, hunted hard, contact could be needed to get you going, but not really needed in the end. Issue on Molokai is the local scene depending on the day can be hit and miss. Fun place very few "outsiders" there. Wild remote Hawaii at it's best.

From: mgmicky
I had a great hunt with Pat Fischer 20 years ago in Maui and would highly recommend that you check with him. Never hunted Lanaii, but I did try a DIY hunt in Kauai this past August. Beautiful country but no game sighted…I really think a guide or someone with local knowledge is needed. Good luck!

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