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From: Been there
I know there are some older timers here. Do any of you remember Damart insulated underwear? Is there any underwear out there now that is as good as Damart was?

From: Dale06
I had a set of it many years ago. Worked great. I believe it was the first “synthetic” type of underwear. And yes, I’m an oldster.

From: milnrick
I wore them when I was stationed in Belgium in the mid 80's, GREAT thermals.

I just ran a search and it looks like they're still in business and available on line.

From: DanaC
Stuff worked well but shrank if you dried it too fast. Still have one pair of socks, they still work well too. Wish I had ten pairs of the liner gloves they sold.

I have never found anything to ever work as well as what the company claimed.... Damart is the exception! I still use the stuff I bought years ago. The one triple layer long sleeve shirt I bought is totally ridiculous. I don't care if it's negative 20° outside. You walk with that on as an undergarment and you were sweating like a swine. X2 to the comment about drying the stuff. I learned the hard way you never put the stuff in a dryer, unless you are going to give your 5 year old kid some hand me downs!!

From: Screwball
Still have the bottoms and my balacalva. Loved them

From: DanaC
Damart stuff was made of 'polyamide' which is nylon fleece. Most fleece today is made of polyester. Some blends are still available, from Europe. Pretty much forgotten here.

From: Bowfreak
I had a set of heavy long underwear from them. They were so warm you couldn't walk to your treestand without sweating. I did a search for them a few years ago and couldn't turn anything up. Nothing compared to them for stand hunting.

From: Buffalo1
I had a set- could have used it as a sweat suit to lose weight in a workout gym setting.

We must move on to today's more breathable fabrics and let the "good old days" pass !

From: Mpdh
Was that stuff baby blue in color? Wasn’t it called Damart Thermolactyl, or something like that?

I have some in white and yellow. It's been so long since I bought it I can't honestly remember if it came in other colors.

From: DanaC
They made it in white. My old socks are dark green.

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