Pnuma Heated Vest- any good sales?
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From: Hunt98
Are they any good sales on the Pnuma heated vests (and accessories)?

From: wacem
Go to their website.

From: KHNC
Well i can tell you first hand the vest is awesome! And Pnuma is by far the best clothing company i have had dealings with. They always have sales this time of year. Batteries are expensive also.

From: bghunter
I can say this it is the biggest waste of money on a piece of hunting equipment.

Waiting at least 4 months for the vest, used it twice and battery and charger went out.

Took months to get ahold of someone to get problem fixed.

Got replacement and after one use, charger and battery never worked again. Tried to contact them, by email and hell even one of their social media accounts. Took forever to get them to call me back. Then when did and I called them back no luck.

So I gave up and it now sits in a bag in the closet. Biggest waste of money on hunting gear.

From: SIP
So basically, its an amazing vest. And also a waste of money. The best company to deal with, but keep in mind their terrible customer service.

The perfect thread to explain internet forums, in a nutshell. Lol

From: AccMan
I've got the vest and pants and love them, keeps this old man toasty.

From: kota-man
I’ve got the vest and long Johns. I’ve used the heck out of them the last 3 winters and no issues whatsoever. Cannot comment on their service, because I’ve never had to use it. Game changer for whitetail tree stand hunting and fall football games.

From: KHNC
So far, BGhunter is the ONLY person i have ever saw to complain about Pnuma gear. Hell, they answer the phone nearly every time i have called. My vest is a year old. Bought bottoms and top both. Used at least 15 times and worked every single time. Guess he is a unicorn. I have a lot of their gear since the inception of the company. On the first pair of pants i bought , they had an issue with the pocket seams coming apart after months of storage. I called and they immediately sent me a brand new pair of pants out to use on my upcoming antelope hunt. They had found and fixed the issue. Sent my bad pair in and they fixed those and also sent them back no charge. Yep, its settled, THEY suck as a company . :)

From: rooster
I have been receiving e-mails from Pnuma lately about sales and so forth. You may want to check their website. I have a vest and three batteries. I rotate the batteries daily and so far, I haven't had any problems with any of it.

From: bghunter
I am glad others haven't had issues.

From: BAT
I also love my vest, especially this morning when it was 22 degrees, first year I have used it… get an extra battery or two

From: JohnMC
I got one and like but I’ll second their customer service is bad. It took longer than told to get it. Impossible to get ahold of. Then order extra batteries order I think October finally showed up early summer. Tried calling email. If you are lucky you will get a reply in about two weeks. Good product/poor customer service.

From: Hunt98
Sheels had them for $150 and I bought an extra battery. Both have been shipped so it doesn’t look like any inventory issues.

From: rooster
I will add that it did take quite a while for the extra batteries to arrive. My vest was a Christmas gift so, I'm guessing that I ordered the batteries shortly after receiving the vest and maybe took a couple months for them to arrive. The batteries were back ordered when I bought them. Since I had plenty of time to wait, it was no big deal.

From: lewis
Love mine and that’s all I have to say about that lol Good luck Lewis

From: KHNC
Batteries are typically on long backorder from manufacturer. Not made by Pnuma of course. I just dont get the poor customer service comments. I guess some people are never happy with a company.

From: LBshooter
Big thumbs up on the vest, have it and it rocks!

From: Nomad @ work
Vest is great!

Pro tip......order what you need in the off season. Trying to get these when they are in high demand because everyone's hunting & it's cold always makes it more difficult.

From: Hunt98
The vest and extra battery arrived yesterday. I’m pleased with Scheel’s, ‘order to doorstep’ in 3.5 days. And now the weather needs to turn colder for the rest of the test.

From: DroptineDC18
Don’t know where you are located in MN Hunt98 but looks like you are getting your wish! 15* high for me Monday. Can’t wait to try the vest!

From: btnbuck
I'm on my 2nd year with the vest and 3 batteries. I've had no issues and LOVE the vest. One of my good friends had a different vest and it crapped out in one season. I bought him a Pnuma and two batteries. He said it's way better than the one he had before. When I first got mine the extra batteries were on backorder and took awhile to get back in stock. Never had to deal with their customer service so far.

From: Bowbender
Curious? Looking on the Pnuma website, are the only areas heated the chest area?

From: Shug
It works great… and the one time I had a problem I got right through and they handled it in a timely fashion.

BG… maybe you were calling the wing number

From: DanaC
Is there a vest that heats the kidney area?

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