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Bou'bound 04-Dec-21
Guardian hunter 04-Dec-21
bghunter 05-Dec-21
Dale06 05-Dec-21
Bou'bound 05-Dec-21
Bob H in NH 05-Dec-21
Bou'bound 23-Dec-21
Quinn @work 23-Dec-21
goyt 24-Dec-21
From: Bou'bound
Does anyone out there have experience with these folks as booking agents. I have done a quite a few using BCS in the past, but not HCU.

Bob is solid. No nonsense and a good guy

From: bghunter
Do they have a web site you could share?

From: Dale06
Interested. Never heard of them. I’ve used BSC some. Results were poor.

From: Bou'bound

From: Bob H in NH
I have a friend who uses them exclusively, has for years. He only goes right though

From: Bou'bound

From: Quinn @work
Does HCU have a Canadian Mountain Lion Hunt for sale?

From: goyt
I have known Bob Wodzisz for years. We shot at the same club in Parma, Ohio for a while and I bought a pair of recurve limbs from him. I usually would chat with him at the Deer and Turkey Expo in Columbus, Ohio every year but it has been cancelled for the last two years. He has been with HCU for a long time. I have never booked a hunt with him, but he has helped me out with advice. He has even paved the way for me to talk with other HCU agents about the units in their area. I like the guy.

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