need a new plan for 2022
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From: Pyrannah
had a plan to diy wyo with a buddy this fall who just cancelled on me..

not sure what to do now

i like elk hunting but suck at it

i like whitetail too and better at it than elk but still suck lol

i just love hunting and being out there


From: JohnMC
Antelope a lot of fun. Fairly simple in what you need, very DIY friendly, several good states to go, fairly high success rate. The meat is my favorite.

From: ohiohunter
What were you going to put in for? Solo has its pros and cons, but if you’d rather not go alone I’d work on securing some company otherwise save your points. Especially that far from home, the drive alone can be nauseating.

From: Pyrannah
was elk hunting

ohio you and i have talked a lot in the past about wyo...

might look for a guided hunt now but all should be full at this point

From: DanaC
Outfitters who are full now might have cancellation lists you could get on.

From: Pyrannah
not a bad idea dana

i missed on a mikes alberta cancellation hunt last year

would have loved that one

From: Dave B
You need to apply for LE NM tags, low odds but if you get one you can DIY and learn a lot in a short season.

From: azelkhntr
Start a hunting partner thread. Someone out there will team up with you.

From: ryanrc
I am looking to use my elk points in Wyoming and an currently in thinking of finding a partner to go with. I would not be interested in heavy grizzly areas though.



From: midwest
Solo isn't for everyone but I enjoy it for many reasons.

From: Pyrannah
ryan, i don't do grizz either... last time i was out there and in the border of grizz area..

when we came in to town one evening, i read the newspaper article of the guide who was mauled to death just north of us...

wasn't easy going the next few days

i'm not sure solo would be for me.. i would need a plan to get one out of successful.. would be nice though just doing whatever i wanted...

i reached out to the place i went last yr, maybe i can get in with them again...

lots of planning/thinking to do..

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