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c5ken 18-Dec-21
Zim 18-Dec-21
drycreek 18-Dec-21
Mark S 18-Dec-21
lewis 18-Dec-21
From: c5ken
Due to low heart rate (35/42 BPM) it appears I may need a pacemaker inplanted. My Doc is 85% sure I need one. I have one more test scheduled then I'll know.... Anyone out there have a pacemaker? If so, how did it inpact your hunting, physical activity, etc..

From: Zim
I am 61 and got mine in 2015. I think much depends on the base condition for which you are getting it. Mine was also due to a slowing heart rate also 35/40, which was brought on by atrial flutter. My doctor told me that my condition was one of the most treatable. Not so much for atrial fibrillation. One positive about a pacer is that it creates a 24/7 record of any abnormalities in your heart rate. I have been very lucky and had only two events since getting mine. One was artificially created by standing too close to a Walmart security alarm in China 2018. The other my heart stopped for 6 seconds Nov 2019 while in a deer stand. A mystery why, but it never recurred. Today my pacer is one of the least impactful on my hunting activities. Far worst have been multiple foot and shoulder injuries, and Covid fat. Only major downside on my hunting was that it ended my mountain backpack hunting trips simply due to shoulder strap pressure on the device & wires. Too risky with the 60# I used to pack. No huge deal as I can’t draw my favorite NM wilderness area anymore anyway due to outfitter welfare and increased applications. Drawn nothing in last ten years. I have 15-26 points in 8 states and that also restricts me from picking backpack type units in all those. A related factor is limiting my distance for meat pack outs. I now must either ask for help or hire someone with a horse. Just part of planning.

From: drycreek
I’ve had one since 2007, in fact I’m on my second one. First one lasted 11 years. Mine has zero impact on my hunting. They couldn’t find a vein to run the wires in on my left side in spite of sticking me 18 times, so mine is on my right side. They said I couldn’t shoot a gun right handed anymore. Wrong ! I was heavy into sporting clays at the time, bought my self a new 20 gauge until I healed up well, then went back to my 12 with no ill effects. I still shoot rifles any time and as much as I need to. They also said I couldn’t use a welding machine. Wrong again ! The rep from Medtronic told me to just keep my ground next to my arc and I would be fine. He was right. Doctors don’t know everything and some of them don’t know much at all. The only real problem I’ve ever had is the fact that I can no longer have an MRI, but that’s not the end of the world either. Good luck !

From: Mark S
I've had one for 7 years. Have run 4 marathons in that time, (16 total), work out daily and am pretty active as I've always been- has had no negative or noticeable effects for me

From: lewis
I call mine a turbocharger have afib had an ablation done at Vanderbilt my heart stayed between 28-35 so I had to get one. I think it’s a game changer love the way they check it on the phone Good luck I’m now looking into the Watchman eliminates blood thinners Lewis

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