Got a piece of crockery for Christmas
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Coyote 65 19-Dec-21
Bou'bound 19-Dec-21
From: Coyote 65
Have been feeding the birds for years out my back door. Throw out birdseed for the little birds and corn for the squirrels and blue jays and the woodpeckers. Recently a pair of ravens have started showing up and eating the corn too. Fun to watch the squirrel raven interaction as the squirrels try to protect their corn.

Today I took some fat that the Mrs. had trimmed off a ham. It didn't last long as the ravens made off with it. I had placed it on a pizza pan so as not to get dirty. This afternoon when I went out the back door again there was a broken piece of plate right in the middle of the pizza pan. White and green, colorful. I am guessing it was a gift from the ravens.

On a side note the female of the pair has a beak that the bottom mandible is like a spear and the top one crosses over the bottom at an angle. When she picks up a peanut that I toss to them she spears it with the bottom and then hops off to eat it.


From: Bou'bound
Thanks for sharing

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