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From: RK
Well thank God the Omicron now is 75% of new cases of the COVID.

The delta is almost gone and the original COVID is history

Boys I think the science has this beat. Brandon will clue us In tomorrow when he addresses his 81 million voters

From: HDE
But only 60 million would be able to hear it because 21 million were already dead on election day.

From: drycreek
HDE, there have already been 21 million voters come from across the Rio since King Joe was coronated. So…….the electorate awaits him.

I'm hopeful a Mexican variant is next

Not another Covid thread.

This is getting ridiculous! Is this a bow site or a community forum?


From: yooper89
Thank you! Love these insightful threads!

From: LBshooter
RK Covid is far from gone, brother in law just went to Er today, has Covid. Covid is here to stay, every year we will see cases, just like the flu.

From: HDE
HfW, no, it's not a bow site. It's a forum to discuss bowhunting topics.

And yes, covid is a bowhunting topic whether you want it to be or not.

From: Matt
“What happens when you have a reject put in place fraudulently.”

For a second I thought you were calling yourself out….

But at least you have fitting company.

From: Stix
This ain't a bowsite anymore....just one big cuckoo clock.

From: DanaC
More like a nest. Is Chief Broom around?

From: bigswivle
There’s a hell of a new variant coming next Nov, about a week before midterms……

From: LINK
Holy cow! I can’t believe another covid thread. You guys should title these better so I know not to open them.

From: PECO
I like Covid threads. Better than another "which broadhead" thread.

From: scentman
If Slipper Joe talks about shutdown and mandates and unvaccinated he is going to hurt his party even more... most unvaxed are minority and the 3 to 4 million that came over our southern open boarder. I call it the "Democrats vote getting open boarder".

From: HDE
"Better than another "which broadhead" thread."

Or another KE vs Momentum thread.


You know I was being sarcastic I hope?

Definitely a bow hunting topic. A Canadian outfitter has had $2k of my money for two years. I am praying I can rectify that problem this May. But Omni might prevent that!

Please get vaccinated everyone, you too WildBill.

And that was also a joke.

Lighten up Francis;-)

From: Rgiesey
It’s not easy to see sarcasm in texts or here. One of the shortcomings of that as communication

From: Ambush
In Kansas, The SitO Times has reported that the Omnee-Corn scourge is really piling up the bodies :)

From: Live2Hunt
To me, it seems like Covid is now a business, a large corporation that the ones who are making money will not let is slow down (Media). South Africa had it come in and hit a lot of people but with way less severe cases and it is already dropping like a rock there. This is how viruses operate, they get weaker the longer they are around. The one guy I listen to periodically on youtube who in the beginning was all worked up is even saying that the omnicon seems to be less of a threat. But, the U.S. is saying it will be the worst ever even though these other countries that have gone through it say it is not? Me, I just keep living my life.

From: HDE
HfW - apparently I didn't know...

From: tobywon
I thought this was the name of a new bow for 2022, otherwise I wouldn't have clicked on this damn I heard the new Omicron is a double cam bow that was designed in South Africa. To shoot it in the US, it requires a special booster cable to protect your bow arm. I heard that the new bow is all hyped up by the manufacturer, but in the end, it just underperforms. Anyone else hear about this?

From: smarba
tobywon, it performs WAY better if you get the optional booster package...

Pray it’s a Bowtech. You order and it takes forever to arrive.

From: KSflatlander
Get a HedgeHunter and shoot and miss a deer but you can tell everyone that you actually did kill it. The cyber ninjas will come drag the non-existent deer out of the woods for you too...Omicron free. Then Rudy will mount it for you and you can hang it. They you can invite your friends over and show them a totally blank wall. They will surely be impressed with your critical thinking skill. Finally, you will get a back slap that you desperately need.

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