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From: BullHunter

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Not sure if it has been posted here or not, but here is an article I came across the other day some of you might enjoy as much as I did. Comes from a pretty unlikely source too.

From: BullHunter
Guess I should read more before posting. Also on another thread!

From: Coyote 65
I take it English is not your native language. edit: Looks as if the spam has been removed.


From: Patricia
I love using social networks. Of course, they have a negative impact if they are abused, but if used in moderation, then of course there are more benefits from them, especially if you open a business account and develop your business there. By the way, I recently learned about a cool way to promote by buying reviews on accfarm Indeed, notice that we always read reviews before buying a product, don't we? and if there are a lot of them and most of them are positive, then this certainly guarantees a purchase.

From: Rocky D
“ Matt Rinella is a grown-ass man with spicy-ass opinions. While we at FRA do not agree with all of his thoughts presented below, we’ll defend his right to air them till the end. We know one thing for certain: It’s gonna be an awkward f#!king Christmas at the Rinella house. – The Editors”

I like Steve but I hope that this is not how he is going to represent hunting but I guess in today’s obscene and obscure culture that this has the same appeal of shows like Yellowstone and Ozark.

I am really into for syllable words more than I am four letter words!

Steve says that he may not agree with his brother’s take but defends his right to say it. Does this mean that he needs to provide him the platform for him to say it or is this way draw attention and push $ towards family.

Obviously, this has been weighed and measured and is all part of their overall strategy.

Reminds me hearing my little nephews playing repeating the words piss, sh!t, and damn just for the effect!

I guess that this works for adults as well…

From: Rut Nut
Interesting take on things and brings up some good points. I often wonder what those guys that shoot 2 elk, a moose, a mule deer, 2 white tails, an antelope and a bear in one season do with all that meat?

And if he really believes what he writes, why does he help perpetuate the very thing he rails against by going on his brother’s show? If I am not mistaken, I have seen him hunting with Steve on MeatEater...............

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