Eat Your Heart Out, Nostradamus!
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From: tinecounter
My 2022 Predictions! Disagree or add your own.

1..Covid-19 "lifestyle" is the new norm. New year, new mutations. China's gift to the world that will continue for years!

2..1/06/21 Congressional Investigation Report will reveal disturbing significant Trump & congressional sycophant involvement. No criminal or political repercussions will follow; it's Washington.

3..Despite NY criminal prosecution & civil litigation problems, political Trump will not go away. His narcissism won't allow it.

4..Bitcoin promotion & partisipatory fascination? This too, shall pass. Think "financial Beanie Baby."

5..RIP Betty White. (No brainer, just playing the odds).

6..Kamala Harris, our first woman President. Current Democrat Oval Office aged puppet limitations & increasing manipulative public appearance difficulties, plus "me first" Democrat Party historic value necessitates the change. (Hmm, perhaps a 2023 prediction, but it'll happen).

7..Coach Mike Krzyzewski goes out on top. Duke wins NCAA basketball championship. Yes, a career, well deserved, Hollywood ending!

8..Electric vehicle replacement of fossil fuel vehicles accelerates. Can't stop a politically correct enviornmental avalanche, despite danger of future massive electric grid "shut down" hacking vulnerability.

9..Athletic transgender issue will be resolved using DNA competitive sports reality, instead of "I am now a" politically correct fantasy. Future of women's competitive sports depends on this resolution.

10..Washington politicians will bridge current political chasm by embracing "Country First" attitude and casting aside their "you're wrong, my way or the highway" uncooperative, self-serving, constituent manipulating bluster. ;-)

Oh, come on, 9 out of 10 ain't bad! Happy New Year!!!

From: Ambush
soccern23ny will come out as a non binary, but female-at-the-moment, tv hunting host that mostly just gathers by sneaking onto private property. Part of the show will be filming the reactions of landowners when they open the letter telling them that "Nick Nick" beat them.

From: soccern23ny
4... UGH! You gut shot me lol. To each their own. I'm invested and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. It's closer to 100k than it was to 0. There are too many legitimate institutions(and countries) invested in it. Even municipalities are invested in it for retirement accounts. And unless you kill the internet it can't be banned away.

7... Begrudgingly agree, and I'm a Cuse/ Boeheim fan. Mike Krzyzewski is great, and I don't like to say it, has the edge on Cuse.

From: soccern23ny
@Ambush... lol. I think "lesbian transgender" has better ring to it.

From: JohnMC
Well who guess in their 2021 predictions soccermom would come out as a transgender lesbian? I think we all knew it but didn’t think he would come out.

I am going to think positive and say the long spoke about bowsite update will finally take place and bring the forum up to 2010. ;)

From: timex
I will continue to work, hunt, fish & grow a vegetable garden till I can no longer breathe.

Yall can worry about the rest of it !!!!

From: azelkhntr
I foresee at least 90 million Americans dead from the next pandemic. Gates has gotten out in front of this and is hinting that it will be smallpox. A disease that no longer exists in nature. Now why would he do that? I see China seizing the entire West Coast up to the Rockies. Russia will take Alaska and the Northern Territories of Canada. Our marxists to the south will invade SoCal, AZ, NM and Texas up into the midwest. They already are right? The east coast will come under the occupational control of the UN and NATO. This is my most optimistic prediction. Pessimistically I see several large EMP bursts over the N. American continent throwing us into the year 1880. In essence we are forced off the world stage and are no longer a threat to the globalists. At present there are 50 active volcanoes spewing millions of tons of SO2 into the atmosphere. Yellowstone is overdue and if that cooks off game over. Mammoth Lakes is showing concerning activity as well. What I'm watching for is the appearance of the 2 Witnesses in Jerusalem. That will mark the beginning of the Great Tribulation. That occurrence would be the best case scenario. Late 2022 or Spring of 2023. But IDK. Oops! Betty White didn't make it. RIP funny lady.

From: Old Reb
100 % agree. ^^^^^

From: Scoot
1. Political threads will continue to be rampant on bowsite.

2. Pat will consider changing the site name to

3. Egomaniacs will continue to passively report how great they are and how the way they do things is better than the way others do them.

4. Knowing who to pay particular attention to (and who to ignore) will continue to be a key in learning useful info (on this site and in life).

5. Bowsite will continue to be a great resource with mostly wonderful people.

From: Bou'bound
Betty white didn’t Make it to 2022

7/9 for the win! Duke wok come out on top if the kungflu doesn’t ruin it.

From: tinecounter
Bou'bound, inside info on 100 yr. old Betty, or all in on remaining approx. 10 hrs to be correct? :-)

From: t-roy
I’m gonna go out on a limb, but I predict I will not draw any LE tags in Colorado, Utah, or Wyoming in 2022.

From: tinecounter
Kudos Bou'bound! Just saw BW breaking news. RIP Betty.

From: fastflight
Betty passed today.

From: drycreek
tinecounter, there is no blockbusting info in your post unfortunately. Don’t know about the sports as I ignore it, but your political observations are no brainers for the most part, although Kamelass Harris as prez makes me cry for my country, and personally want to puke.

From: midwest
1. You will have to scroll to the 2nd page to find a bowhunting related thread on Bowsite as more and more of the best contributors fade away from the drama.

I generally try to be more positive but I've heard it from too many of the friends I've made on here.

From: JL
May as well toss out a few random, outrageous and humorous predictions for 2022.........

1. The Bowsite pop-up ads will become 30-second infomercial ads

2. The Bowsite Community Forum or some reincarnation of it comes back. KPC becomes it's moderator

3. People will still complain about it

4. Prez Biden abducted by aliens

5. Aliens return Prez Biden because he keeps hugging them and whispering into one of their three ears

6. Prez Trump has a bad hair day when the wind changes direction

7. Stormy Daniels becomes a televangelist and a billionaire

8. Resident tag costs finally catch up to NR tag costs

9. PETA goes bankrupt after losing a class action lawsuit brought on by Butterball, Hormel and Oscar Meyer Wiener

10. Yellowstone National Park starts a crossbow only season to help keep the herds in check. Firearms, compounds and single-stringers not allowed

There you have it....the master of all prognosticators, the Great Swami has spoken......

From: scentman
The Sun, Moon, and Stars fold... the End.

From: Woods Walker
R.I.P. Betty. You were a good one.

From: Chuckster
1. HRC will be the 2024 Dem nominee.

2. DJT will NOT be the 2024 Repub nominee.

3. Bowsite will be subscription only to replace pop ups.

4. Big tech will be regulated and section 230 will go bye bye within 3 years. Repubs have an ax to grind.

5. The squad will be history in 2yrs.

6. Dems lose the house and senate.

7. By the end of 2022 we will be up to 4 boosters.

8. The View still cant find a unicorn conservative co host.

9. Kamala is caught up in a drug sting after leaving office however the FBI can't stand all the giggling so they drop all charges.

10. BLM is dissolved after massive fraud is discovered.

11. Cops and Live PD return to the airwaves.

From: Grasshopper

Grasshopper's embedded Photo
Grasshopper's embedded Photo
Fake news will continue in 2022

Bowsite contributors will continue to prove that clairvoyance does not exist.

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