Morehead City
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White Falcon 31-Dec-21
Castle Oak 01-Jan-22
Mike in CT 01-Jan-22
Bandicooter 01-Jan-22
mgmicky 02-Jan-22
From: White Falcon
Can someone from there message me. Need to know about the hunting.

From: Castle Oak

From: Mike in CT
I'm not sure this is the part of NC you want to be looking at for hunting; I finished my tour in the USMC at Cherry Point, not too far away. If you like the beach it's a great spot to go for sure; for hunting (other than bikini babes) I'd look at the western part of the state, particularly around the Asheville area.

Good luck!

From: Bandicooter
Plenty of deer there.....and mosquitos.

From: mgmicky
Grant, I’ve lived and hunted all over NC for 20 years,, and currently live an hour north of Asheville in E TN. Most of NC has a very plentiful deer population, especially the east. If you check the NC regs, you’ll notice Morehead City is part of the most liberal deer seasons in the state. Also some of the biggest bears in the country. Bandicooter is correct…it’s hot, humid and a lot of mosquitoes in early season. The western part of the state near Asheville that Mike mentions above has the smallest population of deer, and therefore most conservative season…ie, very short gun season, no doe season, etc. PM me if I can help

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