2022 Bowhunting Goals
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From: midwest
What are your bowhunting goals for the new year?

For me:

Whack a couple Iowa Spring turkeys.

Continue to improve my shooting and shoot a few tournaments which I haven't done in a looooong time. Hopefully, a TAC event with a couple Bowsiters.

Hoping to draw an AZ elk tag and hold out for my best bull.

Actually take a week off for whitetails and hunt with a Bowsiter in southern Iowa if he decides to put in.

Should be a great year and possibly my last fall working a full time job!

From: molsonarcher
Add another black bear this spring. Draw an antelope tag for August. Finally arrow a P&Y coues on the next trip. Catch up to one of the larger whitetails that eluded me this year at home. Chase a cougar with the hounds around December.

From: pav
I'll hunt turkeys and whitetails at home in Indiana.

Only out of state hunt confirmed to date is Sitka blacktails on Kodiak in November.

Pretty much at the mercy of the western draws for everything else.

From: buckeye
Shoot more 3d with a longbow and get more proficient with traditional gear. And go put some gar in the freezer , bow fishing is fun!

From: Rocky D
Call in a spring gobbler or two.

Catch a couple of big trout in the East.

Go fish Colorado for 10 to 14 days.

Catch a five pound river smallmouth.

Kill a bunch of pigs and hopefully 3 to 5 really nice boars.

Draw NM elk or buy land owner permit.

Kill 150 plus public land whitetail.

Fish a week or two in October and November.

From: Rocky D
Try and figure out how to keep from double posting with IPhone… LoL

From: TEmbry
Doing a few out of state hunts this year for a change which will be fun. Hawaii Goats, Florida Gators, and depending on tag draws, antelope somewhere. Home state my goals are about the same exact goals as this year. Brown Bear, Mtn Goat, Caribou and Sitka Blacktail. Black Bear, Sheep, or Moose would be awesome bonus animals.

Non hunting related, my goal is to wrap up the last bit of home remodel I have left. Travel with the family to meet old friends and hopefully make some new ones. Work less than this year (doubt that one happens but a good goal none the less).

Spend as much time hunting with family and friends as possible. Hope to draw a special tag .

Other than that just keep pounding away at what ever tags I am lucky to have. Hunt

From: ahunter76

ahunter76's embedded Photo
ahunter76's embedded Photo
ahunter76's embedded Photo
ahunter76's embedded Photo
ahunter76's embedded Photo
ahunter76's embedded Photo
2021 is closing 65 years of me bowhunting biggame (I started in 1956 killed my 1st in 1958). Goals, I've pretty much did everything I wanted in competition & bowhunting. 1 Animal I never hunted was Moose & only because I spent 30+ trips chasing Elk (that I loved). This year I hope to shoot the NFAA Field Nationals in Pa. & maybe with myLongbow. I hold the National Longbow score record on the Animal round in my division-maybe I should try to break the Field & hunter round scores. Shoot our State competitions indoor & out (300, Field & Target. Shoot the Iowa Games target. The R100 in Ia & maybe Wisconsin. (3-D is my least favorite competition). Hunting, I really have no goals as I been blessed with a wide variety of critters. never a horn hunter but fortunate to have a few good ones. My Mix has been a few Elk, several Mule Deer, Buffalo, Caribou, 2 ,19" Black bears & at least 8 I let walk, Antelope, many wild Hogs, Many, many Whitetails & a variety of Exotic Deer & Sheep. I set a personal goal several years ago for my next Whitetail (yep, horn hunter on this goal). I have eaten all my whitetail tag since I set it too. Whitetail IS the only critter I have done this with. I no longer shoot Does either but have many from past years. So, Goals, LOTS of big tournament competitions & a Whitetail buck that will make me famous (thats what I tell the wife). What's great about my longevity is that I have seen my son become an accomplished archer/bowhunter & 3 of my G-son evolve into dedicated bowhunters too. I've been on an awesome Juorney & a ton of adventures. Sharing those adventures with family & friends is what has been the most rewarding.. May all your goals become reality. 15 states & all DIY, in a tent, public land. Everytime I walk out the door to bowhunt is an adventure.

From: Z Barebow
Save local urban wildlife management program.

Draw spring turkey tag.

Draw at least one western elk tag and make good on it.

Hunt in state and neighboring state for whitetail. Make annual trip to western ND for mulies.

And hopefully still shoot some late season urban whitetails.

From: Kurt
Cross paths with a nice AZ Coues buck before my wife beckons me home to help plow snow in BC!

Enjoy BC hunting, whatever the big game species.

Chase birds with my wife and bird dog!

From: Knifeman
Shoot a bigger buck than my biggest, last year I passed a few because of a Kansas trip, bad idea. Lost access to 4 out of 5 properties, turned into a bust.

Hopefully draw an elk tag and hunt with Forest again.

From: Dale06
Have a great time in the outdoors with friend and son. Will be chasing turkeys in two states, whitetails in two and elk in one.

From: Z Barebow

From: Zim
Burn my 25 Colorado elk points before they throw us nonresidents under the bus. Same for any species in Nevada for the same reason. Will be applying for longshots everywhere else as I expect to draw the CO tag. As far as Midwest whitetails go, I don't know how to approach it as I scored my dream buck last year. Ain't never gonna top it. So may direct more of my attention to these Western hunts.

From: Bowboy
Hopefully I can draw a good WY antelope tag as a resident.

I might go to Oregon and do some Blacktail hunting.

From: WI Shedhead
My goals are few- Getting my youngest a shot at a 3 year old whitetail. And for me getting a chance at a caribou in Alaska. Heading for the first time out of kotzebue September 19-26

From: Jaquomo
My primary goal is for the pulmomogy specialists to figure out this danged Pulmonary Hypertension thing so I can get back to serious elk hunting instead of nibbling around the edges. Had my final CPET test last week. Now waiting for the analysis and prognosis.

From: maytom
Sell my two Mathew's bows and invest in a crossbow for 2022!!!

From: Oryx35
I'd like to hunt more than I did in 2021. If all goes to plan, I should have that checked off by the end of the month. I leave for a javelina hunt with my brother and 4 year old in less than two weeks. Hopefully we will tag out, my son will see some of the action, and my brother will make his first bow kill.

Second, I'm hoping that the stars will align for an on-call cougar hunt behind hounds before winter is over.

Finally, I would like to draw and make good on a couple of New Mexico licenses, and maybe an out of state hunt.

From: Scoot
It's hard for me to answer this one until I know what tags I hold. I hope all my hunts go better than 2022 did! Tough year for me, hunting wise.

Hopefully have a tag in WY, NM, or AZ but most likely a MT tag (LE or, more likely, general). Bear tag in MN possibly. Maybe a muley tag in ND too. Once I figure out tags I'll figure out which friends and family I'll be hunting with. That part of it has become even more important in the past few years.

So... no real goals other than I'm excited to get in the woods, water, and field and to work hard and have fun with people who are important to me. Also hoping to help some more kids and a buddy in shooting their first (or 2nd) deer with a bow.

From: Bou'bound
Make 2-3 meaningful memories

From: cnelk

cnelk's embedded Photo
cnelk's embedded Photo
Yellow is archery elk. Green is ML Moose. Blue is Wyo pronghorn. Red is ML deer.

From: JL
I'm easy....(1) maybe get a longbow that is my draw length and learn how to shoot it. (2) Keep living life the best I can while I can.

From: Native Okie
Turkeys, hogs and whitetails for me unless the drawing gods shine down this spring. I’ve really got the whitetail bug and the place to scratch the itch. Just enjoy the whole process right now. Hoping to hit TAC again too.

23 I’m hoping is far better with some travel/ destination hunts.

From: Michael
With my recent accident. I am hoping to be working out in a month and being able to shoot my bow by April.

I have a Dr appointment on Monday to get my staples taken out and getting PT set up and started.

Hopefully work keeps me closer to home this year. At least that is my plan right now. Just need the company I work for you agree to it. I would like to shoot a lot more this summer and shoot some 3D tournaments. It’s been a couple years since I have shot any tournaments.

With being closer to home I plan on having the boat in the water by the middle of March and doing a lot of fishing between Green Bay, Minnesota snd SD. If all goes well there are a few fishing tournaments I would like to hit with my dad this summer as well.

As far as hunting goes. I am thinking about burning all my Co points this year on 4th season elk and deer tags. I would basically be throwing my elk points away but currently I find myself just wanting out of the game in Co.

I doubt I draw my Utah tags but you never know.

I do plan on chasing whitetails in SD, Ne, Iowa and Mn this year With some sprinkled in mule deer hunting in Ne and SD.

From: Shaft2Long
To hunt out of state, elk, mule deer whitetail or antelope, early or late or both depending on NM draws. I truly believe there is a negative bias against solo applicants here in NM.

Now that my son is done with sports I’m going to start hitting it again.

From: Two Feathers
2022 - take a deer with primitive gear - selfbow, stone head, rivercane arrows.

At 82 years, to keep moving forward with bow in hand. Good luck to all. my best, Paul

From: Bake
I’d like to actually kill something with my bow in 2022.

For the first time in many years, I did not kill a single whitetail with my bow in 2021. I had chances. Could have killed a lot of does and young bucks. But just never felt like it.

There’s a decent chance I could draw 2 elk tags in 2022. I’d like to fill one of them with a mountable bull

I’d like to take a P&Y whitetail. I’m in a drought currently.

I’d like my daughter and nephews to get in some deer in youth season

My goals are pretty simple ;)

From: Tiogacruiser
Take a late season blacktail with my recurve.

From: Jasper
Kill an Eastern and a Rio gobbler. Kill my first antelope. Pull off a Kodiak Sitka hunt. Take a new PB whitetail

From: Shug
First I want to be able to walk up and down stairs normally… not have to put both feet on each step one at a time.

Secondly I wanna own shooting with the release aid( well on the way)

I also have a few hunts booked… Mexico Coues in two weeks

Aoudad in Texas in February Saskatchewan Bear in May

Grizzly bear in Alaska early September then Moose in Alaska a week later. Whitetail in Kansas in November

From: Rocky D
Damn Shug, I just want to tag along…

From: Rocky D

Pretty much the same every year for me.

Enjoy the tags I draw and the OTC ones I happen to get to fill in the space between drawn tags.

Shooting my Recurve most everyday inside my garage (8 degrees, I shoot inside!!)

Share with others as much as I can, via threads or in private conversations.

Travel safe, enjoy each hunt, harvest or no harvest, hunt smart and just stay happy and positive.

Good luck, Robb

From: bigeasygator
Finish off my archery deer slam with a Coues in Mexico in a few weeks.

Would like to knock two more species off the list as well and put me closer to the Super 10 - leaning towards giving pronghorn and moose another go this year.

Manage to get a few other hunts in with friends.

Best of luck in 2022!

From: Treeline
Hopefully draw a bighorn or desert bighorn sheep, goat, moose or bison tag! With over 20 points in multiple states, should be getting closer.

Will put in to draw a mule deer tag in Colorado and plan to hunt with a buddy to try for his first one. Will definitely try to kill a bear in Colorado.

If no high end tags on the draw, will look at OTC Roosevelt elk in Oregon to get that species.

Kill one of the mature shooter WT’s I’ve been after behind the house. Gets tough as I’m surrounded by public that gets pretty good pressure. Also would like to fill both my turkey tags with the bow this spring and finish it up with taking an archery Massachusetts bear.

Spring Bear: 21" Black Bear Whitetail: mature bigwoods buck Moose: I won't be bowhunting this go around, it will be a rifle hunt.

From: Owl
Functioning pain free with a newly diagnosed arthritic left hip is #1 on my ‘22 avocation list. Shortly thereafter is a grizzly hunt in the Central Brooks come September.

Lots of very cool hunts planned, good luck to all of you.

Simple here, black bear hunt in Canada this Spring, and Good Lord willing, continue hunting turkey and deer on our MO farm.

From: Mhg825
To stop screwing up every chances I get .ugghh

From: Owl

From: T Mac
I hope to join my son this fall on a bow hunt wherever he decides to go for his first semester of college.

From: MathewsMan
Would love to bowhunt Columbia Blacktails to complete my Deer slam with archery.

Have 3 mounts done in March so that may put a damper on hunting fund…

From: Hackbow
Ten more days and I'll be chasing hogs & deer in LA on annual hunt with several stickbow buddies (using Catquiver that Shug sent me). Would really like to take an alligator gar with a bow this year. Every other year elk hunt is this year. Rejoin friends in IN on a group deer hunt in Oct - been too many years. Actually get out after deer in TX - general season ended yesterday and I never went once between work and the temperatures. Can't stand hunting in the heat. Probably at least a couple of bird hunts thrown in since one of my sons guides.

Best of luck to all in your pursuits.

From: DRR324
Same as they have been for the last few years actually. Put my MI tag on one of the few mature bucks in my area, (blew that chance this year) and do the same on my Ohio trip.

From: njbuck
Hopefully hunt more than I did in 21. If luck falls upon me, hopefully take a couple new species and most importantly, get my son more into hunting and the outdoors.

From: elkmtngear
Hope to put a couple of NorCal blacktails in the freezer, and a couple of Turkeys.

Hoping we get a bit of luck in the draws for elk, OTC was tough last Year!

Looking forward to hunting my Buddy's place in South Carolina for Whitetail again.

From: 12yards
Same as every year. Kill a P&Y whitetail. Also would like to get down to 195 pounds. I got down to 200 last year which was awesome. I was in great shape. My goal is 195 by my 60th birthday which is 1/1. That is what I graduated college at playing baseball.

From: Potro
Getting to Africa en June I had cancel this trip for 2 years due Covid And try to hire a Sitka deer hunt for 2023

From: midwest
Good luck, Potro. Hope to hunt Coues deer in Mexico one of these years soon!

From: PECO2
Goal is to draw a tag and get some meat in the freezer. If I go out of state it will be to Arkansas to visit my brother and hunt whitetail. Nothing exciting. Spring turkey always.

From: Dino
Hoping to get to Idaho to hunt turkeys and into Montana for carp after a 2 yr border shutdown! Big bowzone whitetail in my sights as well.

From: Bou'bound
Make 2-3 meaningful memories

From: APauls
Looking to maximize all the enjoyment of the hunting season!

From: Shug
I’m hoping to fly without a mask on

From: Royboy
Hoping for a good elk tag here in Oregon. Also I have three hunting buddies that booked for archery elk on the ranch where I guide. Excited they get to hunt big bulls and nervous about the pressure of it all on me

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