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KsRancher 07-Jan-22
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SBH 07-Jan-22
From: KsRancher
Anyone go hunting to specifically target wolves in MT,WY or ID? And can a nonresident do it? It sounds like a fun hunt to me. And what would the odds be for a person to go into those areas that hold them and get one?

From: Whatthefoc
SSS tags are easy to draw.

From: SBH

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SBH's embedded Photo
We spend a decent amount of time in the winter hunting them. They are very hard to find even though there are too many out there. We've had some success and killed 3 in the last 3 years between my buddy and myself. Few more missed. It's a lot of miles both driving and walking and lots of glassing. Most days you don't see them. They move a lot. Non resident can do it and its a good time. You will see lots of wildlife and the best part is you mostly have the woods to yourself. I've never run into another guy hunting them. Good luck out there, us MT residents appreciate you coming over to try and help us out with them.

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