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From: one_elk
Great interview of a very interesting guy the interview was just to short.....

From: x-man
"I've never had target panic."

Holy crap!

I don't get it often,... but "never", wow! I'm impressed.

From: jer
Randy is a class act and Im glad to have a guy like him representing this sport. Randy,Hope your fully recovered from that wreck and good luck to you in the future.

From: Bassbacker
You got that right, he is awesome. Very nice interview as well.

From: W
Randy is about as good as they get. I think we've all had some ethical gray areas come up in our hunting careers like his chute plane incident. I appreciate the question being asked and his honest answer. What he has been able to accomplish with a bow is unreal.

From: reload
Awesome interview Pat. The guy is truly in a class all his own.

From: Dwayne
Inspiring! A guy with class all the way. We sure need more bowhunters at the 'top' to be like him.

From: Heat
I had the opportunity to meet Randy at a banquet a few years ago. He really is a heck of a guy. Not just because of the animals he shoots or the scores he gets at tournaments either. I think the last answer in the interview says it all. Thanks for the great content Pat!


From: Mathews Man
Quality person and a great ambassador for Bowhunting.

From: city hunter
Hi Pat just wish it was longer love to listen to what a bowhunter like him has to say Thanks louis

From: Trophy8
A truely down to earth guy, one can learn so much from talking with him.

From: Ermine
I wonder what camera and lenses he uses. His pictures are always awesome.

From: Traveler
Nice interview but too short.

I really enjoyed a presentation he did a few years ago at a sport show. He did a great job, lots of information presented with no ego or attitude.

From: Hollywood
Randy is the real deal! Certainly a good role model in an industry where most professionals are self-proclaimed and whose credits are a reflection of their check-book, network, or family name.

True, the interview just scratched the surface of a professional whose experience and talent could not be communicated or absorbed in volumes.

Some people are just gifted. Not everyone can be a Joe Montana, a Nolan Ryan, a Jeff Gordon, or a Randy Ulmer.


Randy Ulmer is one of The Tops in Bow Hunting. He is The Real Deal and He Cares!

Good Article Pat!

From: Boydo
I probably wouldn't be shooting a bow right now if it wasn't for Randy. When I first started shooting a compound, I really had no one to teach me how to do it. My dad was shooting a recurve and had been for the last 25 years. He didn't know anything about shooting a compound. I then started reading Randy's articles in various magazines. That is when my shooting started to drastically improve. The one article I remember was where he was talking about getting a deep hook on the trigger, so that you don't punch the trigger. That single thing has helped my shooting so much. I saved all his articles that I could find and showed them to my dad when he finally bought a compound. He now thinks of Randy very highly also. We now shoot very well, I would say better than average. I honestly can say that neither of us would probably be able to hit the broadside of a barn without Randy's instruction. Thanks Randy. Boydo

From: RandBow
Thanks for the interview Pat. I had the pleasure of meeting Randy at an ESPN event a few years ago. I enjoyed a short but great conversation and will remember him for being a genuine and modest man. His accomplishments in hunting are the stuff dreams are made of. His accomplishments as a husband and father make him a great man.


From: sixby
Great guy. I had the privledge of meeting him at the Salt Lake City IBO in 1990 and shot a round with him. I was shooting for Golden Circle (Jerry Johnson) at the time and Dave Hall and I were team partners. I don't remember who Randy was shooting for but I do remember he had had a long layoff at the time and was just coming back. Anyway he is a really great guy and has not made it on anyone elses coattails. Like previously stated he is the real deal. If I remember correctly Wilde shot with us too. I know there were some hot shooters in the group and it was a lot of good competition.

From: renegade
Good interview with a great guy. I too have to thank Randy. A couple of years ago he wrote an article titled "shoot like a pro". It took you through the whole shot process, from proper stance to follow through. That one article did more to improve my shooting than anything else. Thanks Randy

From: RLong
Good interview. Always admired his shooting, and from all acounts he is a stand-up guy. Good interview Pat.

From: Bob H in NH
I have always liked his writing, however one incident made me a fan for life. At the IBO Worlds in clymer NY several years ago, my two sons where 8 and 6. They had just seen him on TV and when I pointed him out at the easton booth, alone, they got excited. We walked over, he shook my hand, my wifes hand and dropped down onto his knees to have a heart to heart hunting and archery talk with my two sons. they were all smiles and he was GREAT. At the end, he autographed their IBO Worlds program and noticed it didn't have many autographs and asked if they wanted more. they say "yeah". He walked them over to a group of pros, introduced my sons to the pros like they were old friends and had them all sign the book. My kids where in heaven and I was a fan for life.

Anyone who treats kids, young kids, with that level of respect and does it honestly, is a good person.

From: Bowfinatic
Great interview. I always appreciate bowsites unique semi-live hunts and interesting articles. Keep up the good work pat

From: JTV
Ive met Randy and talked to him at some of the IBO Triple Crown tournaments in Bedford and Erie and Nelsonville....he's a great guy to talk to and one heck of a shot...good little interview....Jeff

From: enhunter
He's a class act for sure. I'd like to hear how he obtains the top-end mulie tags yearly--big$ landowner tags in UT and NV?


From: vic
What can you say, but "wow!" Thanks for doing the interview Pat.

From: Beev
Nice interview. Maybe I missed it, but I was wondering exactly what he does for a living. I caught the professional/bussiness part but it didn't get too specific after that. Not that it matters anyway, interveiws are some of my favorite reading.

From: TD
Class act all the way. Thanks to both Randy and Pat for the interview.

I also agree, much too short.

From: Bowfreak
He hunts for a living now.....professionally he is a vet.

From: Deacon Dave
I have been a long time fan of Randy for his writing, bowhunting and archery accomplishements. His "Shooting Tip" is my first read in each issue of Bowhunter Magazine. I really enjoyed his son Levi's article in a recent magazine. I really enjoyed this enterview and would like to see others. DD

From: Larv
Pat, good interview with a class guy! Bowhunting needs more like him!

His shooting tips in Bowhunter Mag and on Bowhunter Mag TV are excellent!


From: Sage Buffalo
One thing that I REALLY appreciated was his comments on when he had children he cut back on his hunting.

While it's tough to do - there is NO excuse for missing time with the kids. I have cut back probably 90% of my hunting because I have small children at home.

We need more guys saying this...

From: swampthing
As a father later in life,I cut back and now am starting to take the kids to 3-D shoots which they enjoy. They can't wait to get out in the woods hunting with Dad when they are older. I started at about 7. Had to plead with Dad to take me along but I doubt he ever regretted it as usually I was the last one who wanted to go home. My daughter has already helped while turkey hunting. She was only 4 at the time.

Pretty cool..nice work and interesting. I agree, too short and I like the audio versions.

From: Matt
35 posts and not an unkind word. That says it all. He is a class act and a great ambassador for bowhunting.

question for pat, did you ask mr. ulmer to come and join us in discussions here at the bowsite.....is he a member?


From: RandBow
Hey Serb,

Unlike some of us addicts Randy HAS a life...lol.


From: RUGER1022
As a former Muledeer Trophy hunter for 20 years < now its whitetails > I have followed Randys muledeer hunting very closely .The Amazing number of bucks he has harvested shows me he knows how to close the deal . Even if you scout by air or have a pipeline of where the hogs are you still have to find the buck and kill it . A tip of my hat to him . OH, Randy about your comment on Big mulies being the hardest to hunt , all things being equal < large open track of public hunting grounds > a booner whitetail is harder to hunt ; ]

From: AZStickman
Randy is a Class act. After he broke his ankle last year he contacted me the same week and offered to donate his tag to the Arizona Chapter of the Hunt of a Lifetime program www.hoalarizona.org

Thanks Randy

Terry Petko

Arizona Ambassador

Hunt of a Lifetime

From: AZStickman
Double post.

From: Genesis
He HAS registered here to defend himself at least once.Several years ago he was getting knocked around on the elk forum I believe 6/04 ish????

Anyway,if you ain't much dad then you ain't much hunter in my book....Randy fits the bill.....

My father met him this summer when Mr. Ulmer was scouting some new country for deer.

Dad had nothing but Good things to say about Mr. Ulmer!

He said that he was a great guy and down to earth!

From: Cropduster
While in Colorado this summer I met Dr. Ulmer. I work for the Forest Service in the summer as a volunteer. I try to go to church each sunday while away from home. Each sunday anyone that hasn't been there before is asked to stand and tell their name and where they are from. I was sitting there and Randy stood up and introduced himself, and I about flipped. I told my wife, "I know who that guy is". After the introductions we usually have a time of getting acquainted with the people around us in the church. I went over and introduced myself to Randy. After church services were over he came over and we had a nice long talk. I was very pleased to meet him and to be able to discuss the hunting in the area. He was looking for a large mule deer buck, and I was not able to help him in that regard. I know that were some nice ones in the area, but I did not know of one in the size range that he is usually looking for. I was very impressed with him, as he is a down to earth type guy, that will be welcome at my campfire any time.

From: Shaft2Long
Great interview and this guy is definately the real deal.

What is the Doctorate in? Veterinarianism?

I'd have to SERIOUSLY disagree with Roger1022 about whitetails being harder to hunt. Thats a joke.

From: Trebarker
Never had the pleasure of meeting him, but friends have and told me years ago how impressed they were of him as a person.

Congrats Randy on a successful and fulfilling career. I hope to get the privelege of hearing you give a presentation one day and getting to meet you.

From: Tocs
How can you not like and respect Randy Ulmer? There is no person in the archery or hunting industry that I would wish to spend time with more than Randy Ulmer.He just wreaks of being the real deal! A class act all the way!

From: Strider JR
heard he would not have 75% of his recent trophy kills with out his spotter.

From: muchman

From: muchman
Randy is a wonderful spokesman for the sport. I really enjoyed the article. Thank You.

From: B4LITE
I saw him once at 3D shoot in GA back in the '90s. He has been an idiol someone to try to emulate in the archery world. His articles have helped me become a better shooter and person helping others.

From: Scoot
Very nice interview. I'm curious too- what's his PhD in?

I agree- the last line question/answer in the interview says a lot:

"How would you like to be remembered 25 years from now? A good father, husband and friend."

Sounds like he's got is priorities straight!

From: MaBow
I believe he is a veterinarian

From: Florida Mike
I believe this is a 5 year old thread...not that its a big deal, Mike

" YEP "

From: Keef
Five years old and the same comments apply today. Randy is a class act. I shared a camp with him a couple of years ago and he was the perfect gentleman and a nice guy to boot.

His brother Rusty is equally nice and also a very good shot. He's also taken some big animals.

Their parents would be proud of them.

From: Nick Muche
Randy is one of the best. Trust me on that. The guy is a blessing to our archery community.

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