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HELP! Setting up Compound for Fingers
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I'd like to get a compound and shoot it with my fingers (three fingers under the nock) with the finger in the corner of my mouth for an anchor point. Problem is that I need to move the nock point up and prong rests up at the bowshop to get the arrows to shoot high enough. This is with the sights as low as I can get them. I want to keep this way of anchoring as I shoot traditional the same way. I'm not sure if the uneven tiller on the limbs will hurt the bow by nocking it high. Anybody else who shoots fingers and nocks in corner of the mouth figure out a solution?


build a bracket for your you can move the whole unit up or down?

I shoot fingers (split) always have! I use a NAP Flipper Rest (spring arm type) and now have switched to a Whisker Bisquit!

I shoot my 'sticks' off the shelf and split finger also!.GOOD LUCK!

From: mission man
as a option, try no sights and keep the 3 inder[ just a thought] good luck..

Thanks guys...keep the suggestions coming as I need the help.

I can shoot it sighting down the arrow but I'd prefer to have a sight on the compound. I was able to move the prong rest up on the bow (my problem is I need to move the rest up and sight down) for my anchor. However, I am moving the nocking point above center on the bow and I'm not sure how this will affect the limbs and arrow flight, etc.

There has got to be some more finger shooters out there using sights and anchoring in the corner of the mouth. Help...

From: tenacious
i also shoot fingers-1up,2 down,index in the corner like you. my setup uses a flipper style rest with a plunger. the nockset is no more than 1/4 above level and the peep is 4" above that. that puts the bottom of my sight ring 1 1/2" above my arrow. it gives plenty of clearance and good flight. you may have to change the way you shoot a little but it's do-able. just stick with it!

From: Rob Nye
What is the minimum bow length for finger shooters? Am considering a Bowtech that is 41". I live way in the boonies (no archery shop within 400 miles)so will order it unseen. I haven't shot a compound in 15 years but want to get one for an '08 mule deer hunt. I'd hate to pass up a monster buck at 30 yards with my longbow; going for the extra range on this hunt. I also shoot split fingers, corner of mouth anchor.

From: Brian
I shoot three fingers under and barebow. I anchor my index finger in the corner of my mouth.

#1-You mention you anchor a finger in the corner of your mouth. Which one? This affects your overall site placement. If you anchor your index in the corner of your mouth, (like I do), it may be almost impossible to make a site work.

#2- I caught that you are using a rest with prongs. This would lead me to beleive you are using either a TM style rest of drop away. Neither of these rests work well for fingers. (Especially TM). I know of only one guy who shoots a drop away with fingers (Well), but his form is excellent. A flipper, springy, Cavalier, or NAP flipper are you best choices. (I know the these rests are not height adjustable, but I think you you be setting yourself up for frustration if you don't not start with a compatible rest).

I would start with a compatible rest, (if my observation is correct) and then work on the sight issue next.


From: Nick
IMHO, you should not use a prong rest for fingers... The only reason i say this is i use to use one with fingers on a PSE Team Primos and it actually ended up bending the prong because of my release. I would use a flipper, or whisker biscuit work great.


From: nehunter
Seeking Trad Deer........ I also shoot 3 Fingers under. I had the same problem with all the sights on the market. I use the NAP Low profile flipper rest for Carbon arrows.

Being an owner of a Machine Shop I was able to build an extension piece that allowed me to lower the sight. If you cant find a local place to make one-- I dont mind helping you out.

I will take a picture and post the extension/adapter later.


I was using a bow at Cabelas to try and make it work and that is why the prong rest. I will take your advice and get the flipper if I can get a bow to work.

I think moving the site down as Steve has done is the only real solution. May have to use feathers as well if they hit the top of the site from being too close. I'm hoping I can hook up with you Steve for a bracket...I tried a bunch of sites at Cabelas...even the long range sites and I cant get them low enough. I need another inch to make the sites work.

up, help

From: sticksender
My suggestion....simplify the whole issue by switching your draw to index-finger-above-the-nock. Then, normal sight set-ups will work fine. You're already drastically changing your shooting style by switching to a compound with sights. I see no big deal changing your string's a fairly minor difference. Still 3 fingers, just that two of them will flank the nock. Good luck, whatever you do!

From: c3
I will also agree that you will never get three under to shoot 50 yards with a sight. You'll have to change your anchor if you want to shoot with a sight at even medium distances around 40 yards.

I also don't quite understand the prong rest. You have to have a side plate or button as a finger shooter to keep the paradox of the string coming off your fingers from causing the arrow to slap on the riser.

I like the Cavalier Superflyte and FreeFlyte rests depending on if you want to use the side plate on a Superflyte or a button with the Freeflyte.

It's really not that big of a deal to shoot barebow one day with three under and hunt the next with 1 up 2 under. It won't mess up your game and should only take you a few days to become comfortable.

The sight picture and sight position are based on your anchor point. The rest height and nock point are completely independent and are not adjusted in any way to help with the sight.

If you need some pointers on setting up the rest and tuning with your bow, just let us know. I'm sure we can show some pics and references on how to get that perfect.

Be sure to let us know how it goes and where you end up with it.

Cheers, Pete

From: tonyo6302
I shot a tab with my compound up until 2006. I would only add that feathers, vice vanes, give you a more forgiving shot.

Also, go to walmart, get some cheap White Rain hair spray, and spray the feathers real good. This will keep them from absorbing moisture.

I shoot better with a release now, but I sure do miss feeling the string rolling off my fingers! Like my Dad said, some of life's greatest pleasures are free.

Good luck,


Thanks guys...the prong rest was on the bow I was trying. I would go with a flipper rest.

I shoot fingers with my compound with the WB and is great, set the WB a little out away from the bow from center shot and paper tune. My nock is about 3/8ths above 90 degrees. I shoot 1 over 2 under.

From: TD
I used to shoot fingers, three under also and drop the bottom two and release with my index finger. But I used a lower anchor point. Like what c3 said, you'll probably have to change your anchor. I've had 50 yard pins with no problem and no modifications to the sight. You're probably not going to be able to use a trad anchor using sights.

Also agree about the rest. A flipper works OK. My last rest was a WB. It worked pretty well. Careful tuning though, IMO you can't go nearly as knock high with the WB. In fact you need to set it up closer to a release type tune initially than with a flipper type. Too far away from center and you start to fight a full contact full containment rest.

From: fisherick
I've shot with fingers for over 35 years, 30 with compound and the last 5 with a recurve. Best advise KISS, shoot with 2 under, 1 above anchored in corner of mouth with a tab. I've used an inexpensive springy rest with feathered arrows with good results out to 80 yards (NFAA Hunter class 5-pin sight). Best results use a bow 40" or greater with a 65% let off.

From: Bill in SJ
Use a release with the compound, and 3 fingers under with the trad bow. That's what I do. I shoot one or the other, it does not mix me up at all.

Good shooting!

From: Bassbacker
I shoot fingers from my Reflex bighorn setup with a whisker biscuit and it shoots great. Dont know if you want to change rests?

From: Canuck
What c3 above says!!! IMHO. also, someone help me understand how a whisker biscuit can work with fingers? I'm not saying it can't just that I don't see how?

I think that you do need to have a side plate or button as a finger shooter. This is to keep the paradox of the string coming off your fingers from causing the arrow to slap on the riser. A buddy of mine tried it with Whisker Biscuit this year with HORRIBLE results.

I too like the Cavalier Superflyte and FreeFlyte rests.

regards from Canada!!

From: FXRScotty
I shot fingers and two wheeler compound for years. I shot two fingers (one above and one below the nock though) so I didn't have an issue with nock placement.

From: TD
WB has side pressure. Both sides actually, and top and bottom also. But you have to have good form (follow through very important, dropping your bow arm or torque will mess you up) and a fairly clean release. I shot mine with 5" feathers and was pretty surprised at how well they held up. I also agree it's hard to beat 5" feathers for finger shooting.

I think they are a pretty good rest for fingers, but like I said they can be tricky to tune. Because of support from all sides sometimes you have to move the rest in the opposite direction you normally would to correct a problem. It's like the shaft bounces into one side and then back off the other. That is why I feel you have to set them up similar to a tune for using a release, closer to a "centered" position than you normally would a flipper and well short of what you would set up for off the shelf.

From: Bassbacker
I'm not smart enough Canuck to explain how it works, but my new reflex came with a whisker biscuit, and I consistently shoot 6" groups out to 40 yards with both aluminum and carbons using my finger tab? My son shoots a Hoyt that has a whisker biscuit also, and with fingers and he can shoot 4" groups at 45 yards. We both anchor at corner of mouth with one finger above and two below nock.

Thanks for all the input guys...

From: Limited59
I shot a 37 inch at a bow and not much pinch at all ,I shoot split fingers with a tab anchor under the chin back tension style works great .

I will add my experience to the mix. I shot my Browning Trident for a long time two fingers one above and one below. I Was shooting with the bow set at 32" and 65#weight. I used a Center rest then a Center rest flipper. I did not have ant luck with a whisker biscuit. I found a tab or glove uncomfortable so I shot bare fingers. It was unusual but worked well for me.

From: Bou'bound
Guys The question was raised on new years eve 10 years ago. he has probably figured it out by now..........

Wow. I have been late to join in before but this??

From: Franklin
I was under the impression you NEEDED a plunger style rest with fingers as you would never get it to tune correctly. The last one I used was similar to the "3 Rivers Archery" AAE Champion II Magnetic Rest.

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