Outdoor/Wildlife/Hunting Tattoos?
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From: FordGuru
I have tried to do a little research on some good ideas for a hunting/wildlife tattoo and haven't had all that great of success. I am trying to capture what hunting means to me and bring it all into one picture. If anyone has one, or knows of a good outline for one i would greatly appreiate it!



From: ridge runner
Been thinking of the same thing. Already decided what I want just got to get up the nerve. Probably won't tell my wife until after I get it done.

I'm going to get 2 offsetting dropped elk antlers, one on each shoulder blade. Probably need to get a little liquid courage in me and just get it done.

From: Owl
"Probably won't tell my wife until after I get it done."

- rr, if you only knew what I was omitting from this post, you'd thank me:)

From: HuntinHabit
I've got a broadhead on my upper arm. Always wanted one more, but have never found anything I really like. I've seen some really cool ones hunting related, but most are too big for me. I just want something simple and fairly small.

From: Pass-thru
My brother in law has an arm band that is composed of intertwined elk horns. It looks really tribal and outdoorsish at the same time. My other brother in law has an arm band that has the browning symbol embedded in the middle of it. It is tribal as well and you have to look hard to see it but once you know it is there it pops out. Me, I just have the good old barbed wire arm band.

From: Ty
One of my hunting guides had the browning deer symbol on his arm.

I was getting my chemo treatment 2 weeks ago, and the chair next to me had this bald headed galloot accompanying the patient. I had a copy of Bugle magazine, and this guy had shorts on. Imagine my surprise to see a tat of a bugling elk on his calf.

We struck up a conversation, and found out a little about each other and where we've elk hunted. I think he's in LE and hope to see him on another visit. Sure helps to pass the time, and five hours hooked up to an IV is not my idea of a good time.

I am not a big fan of tattoos, but this elk he had would be the one I'd have if I was into that thingy.

From: Blaise

Blaise's Link
Look here - some good ones.

From: ToddT
What I did, and I recommend you think about it. If you have a good pic of an animal that you have taken, a tattoo artist can trace it and put in on. I shot a kudu on my first trip to Africa - a tattoo of it, shadowed by the orange-yellowish sunset is on my left shoulder. Be careful what you choose, you will have it,,,, a real long time. Also, I have all of mine where they can't be seen without taking off my shirt - primarily for first impressions and business.


ELKJNKY's embedded Photo
ELKJNKY's embedded Photo

From: Bou'bound
the say 85% of those who get tattooed later wish they had not done so.

From: Lefty
I would say bou is just about right.

I have three tattoos that I got years ago. The cool wears off, believe me. I don't regret them, it's just after ten years i don't even see them I'm so used to them. I payed alot of money for them(good artist cost). I would trade em all for a dozen arrows today if i could.

From: HuntinHabit
I'd bet 90% of those people got too many tattoos, too big of a tattoo, or in too visable of a location. Or, had a few too many of something right before it sounded like a good idea. I think most people that get one or two modest tattoo's in a relatively discreet location, and actually put some thought into what they wanted, are happy with them.

From: Mathews Man

Mathews Man's embedded Photo
Mathews Man's embedded Photo
When I completed my Colorado Eight (harvesting all of the original big game animals in Colorado with a bow), I had a great award winning tattoo artist (Jack D'Amore in Colorado Springs- Art with a Pulse Tattoo) do my idea for me.

I had all of the actual photographs of my animals done on my shoulder/upper arm with a Muzzy Broadhead in the center of a circle of the words and my CO8 number.

It's extremely difficult to get a clear photo of the whole thing as it gets distorted somewhat since my shoulder/arm is round. This shot makes the Bear look smaller, but they are all the same size except the elk.

He was hesitant because usually his photo-realistic tattoos of each animal are about the size of my entire tattoo (about 8"), but he did it and they look like the photos of each of the actual animals. It was extremely slow- it took about 8 hours of work to complete it.

I already had several prior tattoos from numerous other places (Ireland, Sweden, Bahamas, Lithuania).

Tattoos are not for everyone, but I think having one that means something to you is a heck of a lot better than just getting something to have one.

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