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Rob in VT 17-Jul-08
From: welka
I will be planting 10 acres of clover this fall in the sandy soil of northern MS. With the drought of the last few years, I would appreciate input into the most drought hardy clover for this area of the country. Thanks.

From: lewis
Clover does'nt like dry sandy soil but if you are committed i'd go with Durano from Pennington.

From: Kiteman
That would be Durana, with an 'a'.

From: BowSniper
The whitetail institute has a special drought tolerant clover brand called "extreme", though I have never tried it myself. Perhaps someone here can comment on whether it works as adertised...

I have had excellent results with Extreme. Awesome video can be taken in established Extreme plots late August early Sept! Be careful if you have a weed/grass problem as many herbicides will kill the chicory used in Extreme.

Volunter is safe to use for unwanted grasses & safer to follow Mfg's reccomenndations which are essential, especialy the soil test. I control weeds by periodic mowing.

With the ever increasing foodplot costs one cannot afford to ignore the soil test and or plant without one. Do not be penny wise pound foolish with a foodplot, wait for the test results!!!!

From: mission man
red or ledina

From: Non-Typical
I own a farm supply store in north MS, and am also an avid bowhunter. I have several clover fields on my property, and have to say that out of several different varieties that Chickasaw Blend is the best. It is a blend of three Ladino clovers that are all very drought tolerant. It is sold to dealers by the Wax Co. in Amory, MS, so check with your local farm store and see if they buy from Wax, if they do you can get it. Probably for around $190.00 per 50 lbs. I usually plant about 10 lbs. per acre. Good Luck !

From: welka
Thanks to all for the posts. From discussions with a couple of local biologists and feed stores, I plan to split up a couple plots to see if I can see a difference. I will be using Chickasaw on one and a 50/50 mix of Patriot and Durana. Won't know until late this year, but if I remember, I will report out on the findings.

From: jawbreaker
alfa rack plus would do the trick, chickory and alfalfa are more drought tolrant.

From: Sagittarius
Late summer/early fall planted Ladino, dutch white .... but for the last three years I have been adding some crimson to the mix. As a annual, crimsons quick late summer growth has had allot of attraction and ussage by deer. Then in spring it out grows the white clovers again and the deer seem to prefer crimson over ladino.

From: Spanky
If you want low prices and premium quality (in my opinion, the deer-picture seed doesn't offer that) I'd check this site out (no affiliation with me) AND they have an AWESOME description of every type of clover....

From: Rob in VT
I would also go with alfalfa instead of clover for sandy soil. I have used Alfa-Rack Plus with great results. The chicory has a deep tap root and does well in drought conditions.

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