Finger shooting Bow ?
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From: old-drone
Do any of the major Bow companies still make Bows for Finger shooters, like 42" plus ATA ?

From: Pruneemac

Pruneemac's Link
yea, check out this link. It's a little old but it has a ton of info. Looks like Hoyt makes the most longer axle bows

From: CurveBow
I used to shoot fingers and now shoot a Ross 337. My point is that I can practice drawing it without my release & don't get finger pinch, even though its 37". A lot of the new bows have large cams. I think this gives the bow a less severe finger pinch than many longer ATA bows with smaller diameter cams. Its my theory! Try one with large cams and see what you think.


From: Pruneemac
I think you have something there Curvebow. Larger cams would have less pinch, wouldn't they?

From: KJH2004
Shooting a 2009 Hoyt 38 Pro with fingers and I don't get any finger pinch at all. You should'nt have any problems .

From: bowriter
I have never used a release, shot fingers from day one and with bows from every design and length. The last bow I used was something like 34" and 80% letoff. I had no problems at all. I had more finger pinch with an old Bear recurve than I ever had with modern compounds.

From: Greg
A no brainer! Hoyt Montega! Greatest finger shooter compound bow ever. Get the 2009 model.

From: YeOldFart
The Montega with round wheels is a great finger bow, the Martin Septor is pretty good also. As others have pointed out a person can shoot a lot of the shorter bows now days. The larger cams has a little to do with it but also parrallel limbs lets a person shoot a shorter bow with less finger pinch. What you want to look at is string angle, parrallel limbs allow the string to come off a angle more like the older long axled bows.

From: WyoHunter
I shoot a Mathews Conquest 3 and I think it's the perfect finger shooters bow. It has the mini-max cam and is 65% let-off. ATA is 41" if I remember correctly.

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