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CO unit 76 drop camp recommendations
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LKH 25-Feb-10
Beendare 26-Feb-10
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SC Bar 26-Feb-10
LKH 26-Feb-10
Ewok 26-Feb-10
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SD Bugler 01-Mar-10
Stick 01-Mar-10
From: LKH
Well, I managed to be one of the three guys with max points who didn't draw my unit in WY so I'm going to put in for CO unit 76. I have enough points.

I'm looking to do a drop camp since packing an elk out solo for long distances isn't in the cards for me any more.

Has anyone had any experience with drop camp operators in CO unit 76 that they are willing to share?

From: Beendare
I more than likely will be hunting 76 with a buddy who has mules [as long as he still has a job]

We should talk...maybe we can help

From: DonVathome
pm sent

good luck guys.

From: SC Bar
PM Sent

Have fun!

From: LKH
Thanks for the replies. I'm going to ttt this for a while.

From: Ewok
Would you fellas be kind enough to PM that info to me also? I should draw 76 archery and I may be looking at a solo hunt. Don't even want to think about packing one out myself in that unit. My brother and I killed two bulls in unit 74. Took us two and a half days to get them out on our backs. BY FAR the most difficult thing I've ever done. Didn't lose an ounce of meat but that was ten years ago when I was younger and not as wise ;).

From: cazador
The one good thing about that unit is you could leave meat hanging for a while before it even became an issue since it's so high.

Just a thought.

From: SD Bugler
You might want to call Sammy Frazier. I think he lives in Del Norte. I have never used him for his services but have run into him and visited with him during each of the three hunts I have had there. One time he invited my dad and I into his camp with his paying ML hunters and offered us coffee and homemade cookies. Two other times he offered to help pack out my elk with his horses. Unfortunatly, we were nearly to the trilhead with the last load on our backs each time.

You might want to do a search and get a hold of "MikeTN" on this site. I believe he has used Frazier for a drop camp in this unit.

Good luck on your hunt. My dad and I have 8 points and probably wont draw this year but hope to draw it next year.

From: Stick
SD...if you are thinking that 8 points will not get it done this year, I would probably be wasting my time with 7 points..if anything it will take 9-10 in the coming years.. hope my health will hold up so I can put in for 76 next year or year after.


From: LKH
Still looking for info on drop camp operators for CO 76. Thanks

From: SD Bugler
Stick I don't think 8 points will draw this year. Over the last three years:

2009 18 out of 40 applicants with 8 points drew 2008 11 out of 53 applicants with 7 points drew 2007 5 out of 51 applicants with 6 points drew

It is going up at a rate of almost 1 point per year. Two people last year dropped 15/16 points.

My dad and I are sitting at 8 points. He will be 67 this year so I hope we get lucky in the next couple years before he is too old to climb those beautiful hills. Once this unit gets to 80/20 it will become unreachable. I am 45 so I know this will be my last hunt in this unit.

From: Stick
I think you are right SD, looks like I am one year behind the power curve here and may never catch up. I would hope to draw in the next two years, cause I will be 60yrs old this August. I am in pretty good shape for my age, but as you know the high country is very unforgiving and I hear unit 76 is abit steeper and rougher than most. I might be looking for a partner with horses, lamas, etc.


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