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From: Pat Lefemine

Pat Lefemine's embedded Photo
Pat Lefemine's embedded Photo

Pat Lefemine's Link
We're kicking off Deer season with an in-depth article by Gene Wensel on hunting and the wind.

From: Florida Mike
Great article! I couldn't agree more, Mike

From: Beendare
Oh man I thought you were referring to something else.

I had my Ak. sheep guide this year on the first day sort of sheepishly tell me, "I have to warn you, sometimes on the trail I have a bit of a gas problem"

I don't think I stopped laughing for 1/2 hour.

Then when I told my longtime elk hunting buddy the story, he laughed so hard I thought he would cough up a lung. His comment was, "Well, after a few days I have no doubt you showed him who was boss"

From: TXHunter
VERY VERY good article. Informative and easy to comprehend. Should be required reading for every bowhunter.

As for the other "breaking wind" subject,that's why God made one man tents...


From: avidarcher
I have to say I admire and relate to Gene and Barry more than any other hunting celebrity's I have ever read or watched on TV. When I was younger I could read every outdoor life or field and stream magazine I was interested in from front to back, and in the early days of hunting video's I would set and watch the whole thing intently, but as I have gotten older I find it harder for most articles or for that matter most hunting shows to hold my attention, but if I pick up on anything from either of these two characters Im glued to it.

They know what they're talking about! Excellent article!!

From: NYbob
And by the way, they are the speakers at the NYB banquet this year!

Good stuff Gene! Thanks for another great read! C

From: snapcrackpop
Another note on the wind subject...I have noticed if the deer are traveling with the wind, they are usually running or traveling at a faster clip than if they were traveling into or quartering into the wind.

From: Fetch
It is a great article. One thing I have been thinking about over the years about wind is this. What if your hunting in a suburban area. Do you have to be so careful of your scent? If there are always people very close by smoking and eating, can they tell a threat from innocent smells?

From: Bowfreak
I am going to go read the article now.

On a side note.....I will never be too old for bathroom humor. :)

From: XMan
Great article Gene, I kept waiting for it to end but it just kept going with more valuable information. A must read for anyone who wants to take their knowledge to the next level on how to hunt the wind!

i learned some new stuff thanks

From: Hawkeye
Excellent read. Thanks for having it up.

From: smokey
Great article. Thanks Gene. I recommend all bowhunters read this.

Great article and expands a bit further on many of my own observations,, but then that is Gene..

I did find it interesting that he no longer worries much about scent. Years ago, probably in the 80's he was the first writer I remember to write about the need of body scent control.. No after shave, no scented deodorant, don't wear hunting boots in gas stations,,let the freckle faced kid pump the gas etc. Pretty much that artical and otehrs that followed started the scent control business..

Now we will be looking forward to tough bubbles.. Hey maybe we can have scented tough bubbles.

From: Notnormal
I never really followed the Wensel brothers writings very much. Upon reading this article I can really relate to what they are saying. Most of what they say mirrors my own observations on wind and scent issues. These guys obviously learn from what they observe in the woods.

From: roger
Good article. Personally, I don't worry anymore about personal hygene when hunting, than I do when not. I spent years buying miracle sprays and have a decade old carbon magic suit in moth balls. NONE of it worked. If the deer crosses your scent stream, it will smell you....period. When I finally decided to hunt down wind of animals, my success rate soared.

From: Shrewski
Guys, this is not an ARTICLE. It is a chapter from Gene's new book...the chapter before "Breaking Wind" deals with the wind in a different and broader sense and this one 'breaks' it down into much more detail. I seriously doubt if there has been anyone who has spent more time hunting AND paying attention AND understanding whitetails than Gene. The whole book is FULL of gems like this.

From: BC
Excellent info.

From: paintcan
I read all his books. Twenty five years later and I'm still learning things from Gene and Barry.

From: Pat Lefemine
the book is a "must buy" for anyone who hunts deer. In an age of overnight tv heros it's good to know there are still guys who have earned their reputations and never sold out for big endorsements.

From: wallbldr
The first time I ever "broke wind" in my new(not now, years ago), Myles Keller Scent Shield carbon high dollar suit. I was not impressed by its containment properties. Always wanted to believe, but could never deny the simple truth that it did'nt work. If it would'nt hold in gas, then how was it supposed to hold in every other human scent? Also I think my breath runs a close second for noxious fumes....

From: bowriter
By far the best essay I have ever read on wind. The only thing that will compare is to hear Barry and Gene tell about the time in PA a van parked on a gravel road within camera range of their treestand. They can't put it in print but if you ever have the chance, get them to tell that story.

John Sloan

From: elfkingWNK
Excellent writing and observations.

I would add some things- like he suggests a smoke bomb to show you where the scent goes; and I do that when I can ( I believe it is illegal in National Forests to use fireworks ) - but there is another way to find out where the air goes.

I take skunk scent in a container; or a lit cigar ( I don't smoke them - so they are not often handy) or some other strong scent ( I tried a blueberry extract this year that worked really well) - and after I think I have figured out the wind for a certain place - I will put up treesteps and leave the stinky whatever on the top. Where I am thinking of putting a stand.

Then I walk the trails I think the animal I am hunting will use to come by the stand.

I will walk back and forth an totally ruin the area with my scent for the day- but with the most consistent wind I will face on a stand; or the least- I can tell where I can be smelled.

I suppose if Gene fed Barry some cabbage and beans: and put him in a treestand - it might work too. :)

This using scent works with wind moving; and when its not. I will put up a stand for bears over a bait; go downwind and see where the bears have to go to detect me.

By using open areas that the bears will often avoid- I might get away with my scent going where the bears don't want to.

We here in Idaho cannot bait close to water; but putting a bait where the scent goes over a lake from your stand would be totally deceptive.

But using other obstacles can work too. You just have to get creative.

Another thing I have noticed is that with a big enough slope; being near or at the bottom where a ravine is; but over the spot in a stand: my scent will ride over the thermals forced down and under me in the evening. At a minimum it can dissipate my scent enough to trick the noses.

Gene didn't mention timing- and that might be for a good reason- but if I know a thermal is going to occur say at 7 pm I will get there as close to that change as I can. What I am trying to do is get there when the wind comes down the slope forcefully- because then in the case of bears- the bears have to move to smell you; and I think that works with whitetails in the same way.

I know some people will sit in a stand all day with success; but I like sneaking in right after the wind changes; and the wind is to my advantage.

I bought trail cameras this spring; which the bears ate- but after some soldering and duck tape- I got them ready for deer season. I didn't think to put up a visible wind indicator of some sort- so I could tell which way the wind was blowing when the deer and elk came through. I had evidence of time and date; and temperature and moon phase- but wind direction? Nope- I failed getting that knowledge except where I could see grasses moving.

Seems like a deer can think it sees you- and it might not be convinced and move by you for a shot; and the same for noises; but scent ?

Well scent is the one thing they will not forgive.

Great writing Gene- I hope people realize just how right you are. :)

From: XMan

Sounds like a great reason to do a Bowsite exclusive interview with them. Why didn't they capitalize on their great hunting reputations? They bring the fun into hunting, wish more folks were like them.


From: Pat Lefemine
Bob, we did interview them. It was a while ago. Check the features.

From: Hawkeye
"If the deer crosses your scent stream, it will smell you....period."

+1. Couldn't agree more. Perhaps will smell you more "obviously" if one has poor hygiene-but smell you none the less. The big guys don't care how much they notice you-just that they do and then its game over.

"the book is a "must buy" for anyone who hunts deer."

Ordered it after reading that article as have yet to read any of their teachings-but have heard nothing but great things. Look forward to receiving it and learning more.

From: Shrewski

Take a look around and try to buy a copy of "Hunting Rutting Whitetails". They go for around $300 IF you can find one. And in the intro to "Buckskin and Bone"' Gene talks about how many of the things he thought he understood way back then, he was pretty off on.

From: Wages

Wages's Link
here's the link to the older interview that Pat mentioned above, for those interested.

From: Hawkeye
Shrewski-I'll check ebay etc and thanks for the tip. Those guys def know whitetails.

From: Aftermerl
Sorry, I read the intro and thought it was an announcement for another family reunion.

From: Shaft2Long
I do it frequently and don't care about how it effects others around me.

From: CurveBow
Gene rules! Thanks Pat for the reminder of the treasure of the in formation in that book. I bought both Gene's book as well as barry's alst year....

Barry rocks too!


From: JayG@work
Great articles. Jay

From: Gray Ryder
The Wensels have forgotten more about hunting big whitetails than I have ever learned in my 46 years of pursuing them. Whenever they expound on hunting America's favorite big game species listen up.... you can take that information to the bank! The proof, their tactics consistently produce close encounters with trophy bucks.

From: itshot
priceless info.......just for the short read

thanks (a lot)

From: Butternut40
Fantastic article. Thanks for the reminders.

From: Mint
Great article and great books.

From: Zbone
good article, but still confused about what is meant by the way grasses and trees grow due to prevailing winds... i live and mostly hunt in hilly country and haven't ever really witnessed any vegetation growth due to wind. (unless a tornado...8^))

From: AJ
Thanks for the article it means a lot. And I hope readers can learn from your wisdom.

My good fortunes didn't allow me to hunt my favorite area (didn't draw a tag); so in lieu of my hunt I left trail cameras out during the entire Colorado Archery Season.

Close to 1,200 feet down-stream of the cameras I found an abandoned camp site (fire ring and burnt logs made sometime after Aug 16). In this tight valley the wind (breeze, air movement) works two ways in a predictable environment (no storms, or a cold front passing through) in the evenings the wind drifts down from the tight valley above, and during the days the wind drifts up the valley. Simple - The abandoned camp site was set in a travel corridor that the camera's have captured images of; bears, coyote's, deer, elk, foxes, and mountain lions.

The season opened on August 28th, the last image of ANY Critter captured by the trail cameras was August 26th! Yikes! I bet who ever hunted the area left wondering why there was FRESH sign of deer, elk, and bear but they didn't see or hear a thing.

Not only should a hunter learn to utilize the wind, but never, ever set up camp in a tight valley (or any place close to where they plan to hunt.

This area was being visited often during the summer into mid August, all the big game moved out two days prior to the season opener.

From: bowriter
How in the heck did they get into a store to buy a calendar?

From: gadan
Great article. I had the pleasure of meeting these 2 - they are some good people and humble as the day is long.

Since I broke my back, I have learned to appreciate on a whole new level, a deers ability to ferret out things encroaching in on their territory. As a tree stand hunter, I enjoyed regular success, but as a ground hunter, I've been busted more times than I can count. Moral of the story.....wear your safety harness.

Great chapter! I'll be ordering them! I am a glider pilot and have a lot of first hand knowledge of air and how it works and he does a good job of explaining it as it applies to hunting.

The Wensels are a great resource and very funny fellows! Catch them in person for a real treat.

Their movies are top shelf. "Hunting October Whitetails" was my all time favorite until they made "Primal Dreams". It is the very best hunting movie I have ever seen and one that you can put in for open minded anti-hunters (there are a few!) and get a good reaction from them.

From: MattyB
I love that true experts,like the Wensels not the paid infomercial types that make TV shows, pretty much mock the sprays and carbon suits touted as a necessity.

From: piton
Outstanding article, thanks for posting Pat. Look fwd to buying the books.

From: Shrewski
Barry used some of these wind principles this weekend

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

The bow is a TallTines recurve. Cutting edge speed and old school beauty.

From: semostickbow
Noted where Gene mentioned chewing on the stand. Curious if you spit on the ground or in a bottle?

I've always thought that long leaf had a very natural smell to it. Much more so than snuff.

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