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Smoothest Drawing bow
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MF 14-Nov-10
2treestands 14-Nov-10
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Tracy 14-Nov-10
Bowfreak 14-Nov-10
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Florida Mike 14-Nov-10
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MF 15-Nov-10
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wild1 15-Nov-10
Gundy 15-Nov-10
bad karma 15-Nov-10
Pedro 15-Nov-10
CurveBow 15-Nov-10
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MF 15-Nov-10
HerdManager 15-Nov-10
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bow shot 16-Nov-10
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bow shot 17-Nov-10
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Coldsteel 17-Nov-10
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High Country 46 27-Nov-10
MF 27-Nov-10
hunter 28-Nov-10
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Deer Teet 29-Nov-10
KCBull 29-Nov-10
arctichill 30-Nov-10
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bassman1976 02-Dec-10
stagetek 02-Dec-10
jimmyb 05-Dec-10
From: MF
Hi. I am currently shooting one of the faster bows out there and I am tired of shooting it. The draw cycle is so rough that it is actually painful to pull the bow back even when the draw weight is cranked all the way down not to mention letting down without shooting although I can draw and shoot another bow that is 10# heavier without issue and without pain. My question is, what are, in your opinions, the smoother drawing and shooting bows on the market. Thanks.

From: 2treestands
elite z 28. just try one

I certainly haven't tried em all but my Elite Z28 is the smoothest drawing bow I have owned! Good luck, the most important thing is a great shop to keep you tuned! C

From: Ziek
Anything with 65% let off will be smoother than the same bow at 80%.

From: Tracy
Pronghorn longbow.

From: Bowfreak
I agree the Z28 is nice, very nice but I honestly think that Athens cams are even smoother......personal preference but regardless, you can't go wrong with either choice.

From: hunterx
Elite hunter (2011) should be one of the smoothest bows on the market this year.

From: Florida Mike
Do you mean new or a few years old? Mike

From: Kawabunga
Matt...compound? I think you're Longbow was the smoothest,he,he. I got an Elite Gt 500 coming and shoot a longer ata Hoyt with mellow cams now, let you know how it works out. I would say stick to the slower models, although that could mean just different brace heights, but look at the cams, also don't shoot too much weight.

Good luck in the search, James.

From: MF
It would be a new bow

From: BowSniper
I have a special issue of Deer & Deer Hunting this year that declares the Mathews Z7 as the smoothest drawing bow ever. Of course, that special edition was written by Mathews jammed with biased Mathews propoganda and advertising.

I sure hope they don't count that as one of the issues I paid for !!

From: Jack Harris
I have a new Z7 and could not be more pleased. It really improved my groups and I'm two for two on NJ 8ptr and Illinois 9 ptr so far. Forget target shooting, I can say the ultimate testimant is when u are wearing clothes, cold, and in tree in hunting situation. When I went to full draw - it was like part of me. Extremely smooth and quite. Like butter. Plenty fast enough to double lung a 275lb Illinois bruiser at 22 yards and hit a rock and shattered the last 1/4 of the arrow clean off from the shock. I'll take smooth over speed any day.

From: wild1
Tough to beat a Z7 for smoothness, unless you'd like to pick up a used Switchback - two of the smoothest bows ever made.

From: Gundy
Z7 hands down. I don't own one but I wish I did. My brother does own one and I've shot it on many occasions. Simply the most solid and smoothest draw on any(compound)bow that I've ever shot. Switchback and Switchback XT are a distant second imo.

I'm sure there are others out there from Hoyt and others that could probably compete too.

From: bad karma
MF, the other issue is that you're experiencing pain, and you should seek help to minimize that.

I like the SBXT for smoothness of draw. YMMV. Haven't shot a Z7, because lefties don't see bows on the rack that work for them too often.

Most folks here will tell you that their bow is the smoothest. I have a SBXT, and an Admiral. Love the Admiral, but it is a lot more work to get back.

Good luck.

From: Pedro
I know it's not the most prestieges bow out there, but I think it's hard to beat my Bear truth II it's a few year's old. I have heard the new model is called the "Attack" . I shot it side by side with a hoyt of same vintage and was pleasently suprised, it delivers alot for the money. Very quiet very smooth. But it's gotta satisfy YOU so I'd say go with an open mind and shoot differen't bow's till you find one that stand's out to you, then you will likely be more satisfied than going by some other person's conclusions. :) good luck!

From: CurveBow
I feel the same way and HATE hard cams! I shoot a Ross 337. It has the best and smoothest draw cycle of bows I have tried (not all of them). My last bow had Hoyt Cam & a Half's. Didn't like them,. Now its my sons bow... I recommend that you actually try different bows as what I consider smooth, you may not....


From: ksbohunter
A friend of mine just got a new Ross/Bowtech Carnivore with the single cam on it. A very smooth to draw and shoot bow. Not the fastest bow on the market but a good value. Can get them online for like $350 with a rest, sight, quiver and wrist sling.

From: MF
bad karma, by pain I mean purely muscular, but not bad. it is not sharp and I know that it is just this bow in particular as I have shot bows much heavier and at the same poundage without discomfort at all.

From: HerdManager
I shot my buddies new Z7, and it is NOT smooth. That cam is quite harsh.

From: badlander
I agree w/herdmanager. Z7 and any other single cam "speed bow" wouldn't qualify as smooth to me? When those cams break over you'd think you broke the bow.

I think my Diamond Black Ice is pretty smooth but my old Liberty was smoother yet. But neither of them are going to light up a chronograph if thats what you're in to.

From: TPjeep
Diamond Liberty very smooth, easy to draw after sitting in cold, like Badlander said , not speed demon but very smooth, Have a bad shoulder , works for me

From: x-man
Nothing easier to draw than the EZ-Draw cam on the Parker Blackhawk EZ-Draw. Not many bows slower than the EZ-Draw though either.

If we could map ease of draw and combine those numbers with actual speed, I think nothing out there would beat the Elite Hunter(or 2010 Z-28).

From: bow shot
Mathews Ovation for me. Lots of brace, and very gentle cam.

From: cowboyed
My Mathews Drenalin is the smoothest bow I have ever owned and shot.

From: bow shot
Wait till you try and Ovation, LOL!!

From: wild1
As you can see, everyone has a different opinion. Maybe you should do what I did, it worked for me: shoot as many bow as you can get your hands on. I didn't buy a bow and then profess that it was the fastest, or smoothest - instead, I shot a ton of bows and then bought the one that felt the smoothest to me. Speed was a second thought, for this reason: most of these new, modern bows are plenty fast right out of the box, and will easily kill most big game animals on earth. As a result, I sought out the smoothest shooting bow, knowing it would be plenty fast. For me, that bow was the Mathews Z7. Incidently, although the Z7 is plenty fast, I never thought of it as a "speed bow", that's a new one for me - I'll just think of it as another plus.

From: Coldsteel
When I bought my MSBXT, I tried out a mission M3, Hoyt forget the model and A PSE. All good bows. But I fell in love with the SBXT. I've yet to try any new Mathews bows, but I've tried the Hoyt Turbohawk, and the PSE Bowmadness. Both these bows are smooth drawing bows... Best wishes on whatever you choice is. Happy Thaxgiving too all

From: Coldsteel
When I bought my MSBXT, I tried out a mission M3, Hoyt forget the model and A PSE. All good bows. But I fell in love with the SBXT. I've yet to try any new Mathews bows, but I've tried the Hoyt Turbohawk, and the PSE Bowmadness. Both these bows are smooth drawing bows... Best wishes on whatever you choice is. Happy Thaxgiving too all

From: ilwhitetail2
What about the new matthews EZ 7? sounds like it should fit the bill!

From: AKscotty
i just orderd the z7 extreme shot one in the store and was by far the smoothest bow it there i also shot the destroyer, and the crx 32. those twin cams just feel like there is 4 walls to them the mathews just has 1 before full draw and it is just as fast as the twins.

From: Mac
I have the z7 and I don't think it's smooth. I also have the Switchback XT which I think is the smoothest bow Mathews has ever made. my old Hoyt Super Slam supreme was as smooth as they get though

From: JJJ

From: Nitro1970
Elite Hunter

From: Tajue17
the smoothest compound that I ever drew was my Mathews ICON with the big round wheels,,,,, now though so far for ME its the Bowtech Commander with my mathews rival pro coming up 2nd,,,,,,, I like to try an elite & strother next but the Commander will be hard to beat based on how quiet, forgiving and smooth it is.

From: C-Man
bowtech admiral

From: JayG@work
I shot the new ELITE PURE last week and I have one on order. It is VERY smooth. This is coming from a dedicated Mathews shooter, MQ-1, Conquest II, LX and Drenalin. I was going to buy a Z-7, and then I shot the Elites. Way smooth. I'm pulling 65 with my Drenalin, and the Elite at 70 pulls easier than the Mathews. Just an observation. Jay

From: coop351
my monster at 83 pounds is about as smooth as you'll get:)

From: Jaeger63
MF, I'll bet your shooting a Monster are you not? I feel your pain, literally!

Nothing on the market ever has for smoothness, ever been as smooth as the SBXT. PERIOD.

If you asked Matt Mc himself...he'd tell ya the same thing. Now I'm not saying it's the best bow for everyone...but it is the smoothest of all time by anyone on a serious top end bow.

From: copperman
x2 Drenalin

From: Matt
Smoothness is very subjective, so you'd be best served to shoot as many bows as you can and decide for yourself. My Hoyt Alpaburner has a more consistent pull throughout the draw cycle, but it also has a stiffer draw cycle. Does that make it more smooth, or less smooth? That is for the user to decide.

CP Oneida Black Eagle, or any Oneida, Hands down....Guarantee....

From: zoomie41
I also have to go with the Ross Cardiac 34. Very smooth and I have seen some of the 2009 models go for 375.00 on the net

For smooth I'd say any Elite or Athens bows with a slight edge to Athens.

From: MF
Jaeger, I am shooting a Reezen, and for some reason the draw cycle just bothers me.

From: hunter

From: deflex
Another vote for Oneida.

From: Deer Teet
ive tried a few matthews including z7 not to my liking, picked up maxxis smooth as silk

From: KCBull
Just got my Athens and can't put it down. Smoothest drawing bow I've ever had the pleasure to shoot.

From: arctichill
I shot Oneida for many years. They are very smooth. They are also very heavy and very loud. I have a limited edition (signed and numbered) Back Eagle that has fewer than 100 shots on it if anybody is interested. Oneida sent it to me to test and write a review. This was before it became CP Oneida.

I would gladly trade it for ANY Bowtech, even one with broken limbs. I'm not bashing Oneida here. I was a die hard Oneida shooter for a very long time. Some at my local range still call me "Oneida". In any case, when I shot the 2005 Bowtech Alllegiance I hung up the Oneida's for good. If anybody needs mods for Aero Force X-80's or Lite Force models PM me as I'm sure I've got what you need.

Back to the topic at hand. Since purchasing my 2005 Bowtech Allegiance I have only bought one other bow. That bow was a 2006 Bowtech Allegiance that I bought a few months ago to back-up my '05. I shoot fingers and the Ally is a little short ATA, but even so none of the bows I've shot since buying that have made me want to hang her up.

To the OP ,CP Oneida Eagle Bows,20649 30t/h ave. Marion MI.49665, 231-743-2427..Matt Pollington,ext. 227.they could help you...There a real good company to work with, and they rebuild older Oneidas also.......They are alittle loud though, but they sell a limb saver kit to quiet it down...But I like my 2006 Black Eagle, and I still have my old Screaming Eagle from the 1980s I bought new....Oh and to arctichill, I wish I had a broken Bowtech, I would trade you...lolol....

From: bassman1976
Elite pure is the smoothest thing ive shot

From: stagetek
RER 64" LX !

From: jimmyb
elite z28, is the best i have found, bought 1,shot mathews z7 and elite z28 side by side and boght z28 pulled smooth all the way through

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