Elimitick- Tick Repelling Clothes?
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From: Hunt98

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Has anyone tried Elimitick tick repelling clothing?


Is it good, bad or indifferent?

From: howie
be keen to find out more, if you buy them - let me know how they preform please howie

From: grizzlyadam
They do a good job of not telling you what exactly keeps ticks off of you with this clothing. One of their jackets has what they refer to as a gadget pocket. Maybe they should add a gimmic pocket as well.

From: Coccon Man
Elimitick clothing is treated with Permethrin. The particular treatment that they use is refered to as INSECT SHIELD . It is supposed to last up to 70 washings. I have some White Sierra clothing treated with insect shield and it has been very effective. You can also buy Sawyer brand permethrin in a spray bottle and treat your own clothing it lasts for six weeks. I have done this and it works extremely well. I like the spray bottle that has a finger pull type pump it has a coarser spray than an aerosol can, less wind drift. You spray it on the clothing let dry 2-4 hrs it bonds with the fabric and lasts 6 weeks and several cleanings. It was developed for our military.

I did a little testing using my son as a control, he was wearing untreated clothing and I had on treated clothing we walked through great tick habitat all day in the spring setting stands working food plots etc. We picked off a multitude of ticks ofF his clothing I found one in a fold of my pants and it was DEAD.

From: Devilfan
What is so different about the Permethrin in the clothes vs the spray on stuff?

From: Whitetailer
I live in tick country. When I hunt in fall I wear a Cableas bug tamer top and bottoms, works well......

From: boothill
So do you treat your socks and all with Sawyers or just your outerwear?

From: Matt Rehor
Hunt98-I live in an area where ticks are an everyday problem, I work outside and have had no success with any tick repel clothing. Sawyer permethrin like others have suggested works best, even spraying regular bug spray is effective. As soon as I get out of my truck in the morning I spray up. It has worked well for me. IMO no spray lasts the amount of time they suggest, you have to wash your cloths sometime. Spray your pants everytime and check yourself when you get home....Some of my best treestands came from finding ticks in the late season. I have found that finding ticks in January and February usually means deer concentration whether bedding or feed, ticks don't leave the host that time of year, so if they do, that means there are usually other hosts coming through regularly.

From: Devilfan
"So do you treat your socks and all with Sawyers or just your outerwear?"

I hunt is severely tick and chigger infested areas. I no longer treat my socks as I feel that is overkill. If you treat your pants and keep them tucked into your boots, you shouldn't have any problems. I never had anyt get onto my socks since I started doing this.

From: Redclub
You can use Bronco by Farnham,it is and a whole lot cheaper,look for in horse department at feed store. Works great on dogs too. Use only on clothes not skin. This stuff is awesome.About $5 a large bottle

From: XMan
Hunt, my dad has a pair of the pants and he believes strongly that they work. He hardly gets a tick on him when wearing them during turkey or deer season.

I had my clothes treated by Insect Shield for $9 per garment. So far I have been pleased with the results and believe it works better than the spray do it yourself.

From: Coccon Man
Devilfan, The chemical is the same, concentration and process maybe different resulting in a longer lasting product, they do not give out that info trade secret. I did a lot of research, there was some testing done that showed stored clothing that was 10 years old was still effective. You are not supposed to get any on your skin but once the product dries it bonds to the clothing and testing has shown that it does not get absorbed by your skin after prolonged use at least not to any degree and is considered one of the safest to use in that manner. I use the spray for my boots, hat and my gaiters. I purchased the clothing with insect shield so I would not be exposed to the spray while repeating applications. In the long run it would be cheaper and less of a pain. You are not to apply it indoors and outside the wind blows the spray can stuff all over. Like I said before the bottle with the pump is much easier to apply and cheaper. I usually don't treat my socks. I wear white socks and tug my pants into them and blouse my pants. It is easy to check the white socks for ticks. I have a friend that got Lyme disease and it not something you want to get!

I went with my son turkey hunting and a friend that had just gotten home said that he was pulling ticks off of himself all the way back home.

So, I got out a spray can of permethrin and sprayed our cuffs on the shirts around our feet and socks and the collar of our shirts. We didn't have one tick on either one of us. Everyone was saying how bad they were so that should tell you how the stuff works.

From: BowSniper
I do spray my socks as well. Found two dead ticks hanging on to my hunting socks in the laundry basket yesterday.

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