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Mule Deer
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From: elkmtngear

elkmtngear's Link
Great Article by Dwight.

I like the idea of a "6 foot square of cloth for shade" would be great if it also doubled as a trekking pole and binocular rest....hmmmm, wonder where I could find something like that? ;)

Best of Luck, Jeff

From: Bx3
What are the shoes that he is wearing in that picture?

From: JLS
Look like trail running shoes with gaitors.

Good read.

Man, I want to get me a big Muley one day. There is nothing like a spot and stalk hunt for any species.

I hunted one in ID once for 3 days. He was a big non-typical in a group with other bucks. Never could get a shot. The small guys would always bust me before I got close enough.

From: AERO63
I love the line at the end of the feature...says that the atmosphere when you've stalked to within bow range of a muley buck is "electric." What a great description, exactly right. Reading that line gives me butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. Can't wait for season to open!

From: Bake
As I leave in 4 days, this was right on time. Hopefully will get to put some of his advice to good use


From: SteveB
why gaiters in that weather?

From: semostickbow
I've been fortunate enough to take quite a few critters with a bow and arrow, but open country mulies have been the most difficult. Been close a bunch of times, missed a couple and busted more than I can count. My nemesis and I will meet again next month as I head back to WY. Hopefully I'll get this black cat off of me before then! Great article!

From: Matte
Everybody knows od Micheal Waddell did anybody see him get humbled by his Mule Deer hunt that was on Roadtrips last night. Just goes to show how hard it actually is to spot and stock a mature Mule Deer. By the way great Show Mr. Waddell.

From: StickFlicker
"why gaiters in that weather?"

Gaitors in the West are normally used to keep crap out of your socks, and sometimes to keep chigars from biting you.

When I saw there was an article on stalking mule deer, I thought maybe it was our own "BOHNTR", Roy Grace. I'd love to hear Roy's comments if he has something that he would like to add to the story. He's a world class muley stalker in my book (and the P&Y book)!

From: Wannagan
Before the start of every season, I go back to Dwight Schuh's book, Hunting Open Country Mule Deer. Great book and has definitely helped.

From: Mark Watkins
Dwight, great advice on one of bowhunting ultimate challenges! An excellent article! Hope to "make it happen" again this year in MT! Thank you!

From: BC
Awesome! As an east coast whitetailer, I've only had the oppotunity for two mule deer hunts but I hope to do more. Dwight Schuh is a great resource for western hunting knowledge. Thanks for the article.


From: EWAelkhntr
3 hours of dedicated glassing in the first hours of daylight. Easy to read and understand....difficult to perform on the hunt. I know I need to take this to heart and actually do it.

Thanks for the article Dwight. I enjoyed reading your advice


From: RUGER1022
Good basic stuff . As a veteran of 28 hunts in NV , UT, AND southern ID I can offer a few opinions .

I don't take off my boots for the final stalk , I pull a big set off woolies over my boots . One year without boots I stepped on some type of plant that had me in pain for hours , not to mention scorpions , Black widows , and snakes .

Camo , I really do feel that you blob into a human shape when you wear the same pattern from head to toe . I wear camo uppers and tan or grey pants . Your backdrop can vary so much between rimrock , shale , pinion pines , and sage brush .

His comment about glassing is 100% spot on . I get to a high point while its still dark and glass for hours watching every buck and where its bedding . Its the most critical part of the hunt . A fine article .

From: trophyhill
great article. i hunt open country mulies during the rut in January in NM and it gets quite exciting as stated in the article. i love spot n stalk mulies.

From: Beendare
I have a lot of respect for Mr. Schuh. He has been preaching these principles for over 20 years and it never gets old.

From: JLS
I wish it was as simple as he makes it seem...

From an execution standpoint that is.

From: Amoebus
I like this line:

"Mind you, I don’t have all the answers as mule deer continue to make me look like a novice."

From: primitve
I'd agree with you Pat, mine is tattered and the pages are falling out. I have hunted mulies with Dwight, and I learned a lot from him and Larry D. I also saw mature mulies make fools of us. Good job Dwight on the article, and nice plug for Nikon ; )

From: fishmagician
Short and sweet now we have to execute and that's sometimes the hard part..

From: bman9900
Timeless advice from a real asset to the sport. If you think the article was great you need to check out his book mentioned above - Hunting Open Country Mule Deer.

From: Mathews Man

Mathews Man's embedded Photo
Mathews Man's embedded Photo
My son and I walked across the road from our house tonight and shot these guys with the camera. I'd guess the big one pushes 190".

Strange we drive 2 or 3 hours to hunt bucks in the mountains and these things roam within a few hundred yards of the house.

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