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From: Bake

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From SCI:

We Need Your Help

This week two hotels have made decisions to back out of a contract with the African sporting events show, the first was to be held in Toronto at the Holiday Inn Toronto International airport location January 15/16. The second location is the Saskatoon Inn which was to be held in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Jan 23/24. This is a direct attack on hunting launched by the Animal Justice group and we believe it will only get worse before it gets better. This year the SCI Calgary chapter decided to move its planned fundraiser from the Calgary zoo because of protest and pressure from the anti-Hunting community. That is why we are asking you to send emails, letters etc. asking these hotels not to succumb to the unfounded pressures of the anti-hunting community. We would ask that If they are not willing to rescind these decisions then you will have no choice but to no longer support the hotels and their affiliates. Below is the contact emails and addresses for the hotels and their affiliates.

Holiday Inn Toronto International Airport a part of IHG 970 Dixon Rd. Toronto Ont. M9W 1J9

Eastons Group of Hotels Management group for Holiday Inn Gateway Centre 3100 Steeles Avenue East, Suite 601 Markham, Ontario L3R 8T3 905-940-9409

Intercontinental Hotels Group P.O Box 30321 Salt Lake City Utah 84130-0321 800-621-0555 800-621-0555

Saskatoon Inn 2002 Airport Drive, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7L 6M4, CA 844-296-3620

Atlific Hotels Management group for Saskatoon Inn 416-674-3313 Christine Brandon National Sales Manager 416-674-7955 Galit Ben-Ary Director of Marketing

From: Mt. man
FYI- a lot of Holiday Inn's are independently owned and not a direct reflection of the actual Holiday Inn name. I know for a fact that "Safari Hospitality" owns several Holiday Inn hotels and are BIG TIME HUNTERS! They are a group of guys and own many hotels from Hampton Inns, Holiday Inns and Laquinta hotels. They have property in southern Utah and hunt often. In fact the Boise, Idaho Holiday Inn at the Boise Airport donated a GUN to be raffled off to help pay for elk hunting trips for 2 kids here in Idaho thru the organization HUNT OF A LIFETIME.

I'd go after that "Intercontinental Hotels Group" and not "Holiday Inn" per say in the complaints. Just my opinion.

FYI- I am forwarding your note to the western states G.M. for Safari Hospitality as this is a direct reflection on their awesome support of hunting. Perhaps if his owner group lays down some words it might help.

From: JRW
Isn't SCI the same org that promotes"enclosure" hunting?

I don't think it's accurate to say they "promote" it, but they do have a separate records entry for high fence hunting which could be argued is a de facto legitimization of it.

It could also be argued that no organization spends more money defending hunting rights.

I'm not saying anything for or against the organization. Just playing Devil's Advocate for both sides.

From: SaskBow
I know that the Saskatchewan Bowhunters Association and the Sask. Wildlife Federation have already said they will never host banquets at the Saskatoon Inn again. I would hope that SCI and others would follow suit. A lot of guys flying to SK to hunt stay overnight there as well. Hopefully word gets out to these guys and they refuse to stay at the Saskatoon Inn too. There's no doubt that hunters made that hotel more than the yuppies that signed an online petition. No better place to hit them than in their revenue column.

From: BMG2
instead of using that stink hole T.O groups should choose other hunter friendly cities that are more hunter friendly. north bay comes to mind or prince george.. these smaller places would certainly appreciate the business much more. regardless, i am a platinum elite rewards group member for h.i/international hotels group and i will make your concerns heard.


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Anyone who turns this into an SCI bashing thread is an idiot. Instead, take the time to send an email to Saskatoon Inn in Saskatchewan at the least, they are the ones who would have the most to lose from this. They don't have a clue how many hunters stay at their hotel. Alberta and Saskatchewan and in a severe economic downturn, the last thing a hotel in AB or Sask. wants to hear about is lost business from being labeled as an Anti Hunting Hotel! Let's bury their facebook page with comments too.

Their email too:

From: habu john
You got it Mike, email on the way.

From: Mt. man
DONE, gave them a 1 rating. I am sure I will get flamed on their facebook page now.....LOL.

From: Beendare
Well said Mike U...

Our SCI chapter is mostly Rifle hunters both DIY and guided with about 10% archers......very few 'canned hunt' guys but they exist. The key takeaway is SCI is one of the biggest advocates for sportsmens rights...and they know how to use their power....if you hunt, you should be a member.

Many of those hotels are franchised so its wise not to paint them all with the same brush...just like the members of SCI.

From: Duke
Money talks: I don't bother emailing or verbalizing my viewpoint as this is not the least concern for a business that has already made its stance and position known. What hurts them is the bottom line on profit and earnings. Take your business elsewhere and encourage the same from fellow outdoors people. If a simple boycott causes a 5% - 7% loss in bookings it can be crippling.


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