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Big Dan resurrected
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From: Z Barebow

Z Barebow's Link
I realize many guys are already out in the field. But it is never too late to listen to Pat's interview with Danny Moore again. I will be cramming again before I leave on the 9th.

From: Mark Watkins
A classic for Sure!!! Dan, I learned a ton from one of the best!!!

Thanks for the advice!


From: jingalls
Ditto here! His advice from that interview has helped me kill three bulls in two years and most importantly...gain several new friends. Thank You Bigdan!!!

From: Bou'bound
Dan's the man!

From: Tracker12
Dan gave me advice on what reed to use in my Berry call. The change made a marked difference. I was calling for a friend a couple years ago and he wanted to know what I did that changed it up. He sure noticed a difference in the responses we got.

From: Pat Lefemine
One of the top features we've ever produced here. And an absolute privilege for me personally. IMO, BigDan is the best elk hunter that ever lived.

From: Rick M
Pat, PM sent.

Some may not know it but Dan is one of the most generous guys on BS. And this is an amazing community! Even with all the BS on Bowsite.??

From: lewis
Dan who ? Lol Lewis ps sure helped me many many moons ago

When I read the title, I thought something had happened I did't know about!!!

From: Z Barebow
Blacktail Bob- When it comes to elk, Danny is an elk hunting God as far as I am concerned! LOL.

From: Norseman
He walks on water!

From: Bigdan
Norseman I wish its been raining here all day if you walk in it you get the two step mud kick. Thanks guys for the words. Bigdan

I give my arm to go bowhunting with Dan...wait a minute how would I draw? ;)

From: ElkNut1
Good luck this year to all! Bigdan is a true inspiration for sure!


From: 9er
Bigdan is for Sure one of the good guys. I remember chatting with him for hours when we had the chat room. Good guy with lots of knowledge.

From: Scoot
BigDan knows a TON and has provided oodles and oodles of helpful info to many.

Anyone know where I can find a link to the calling examples/session he had on here a number of years ago?

From: Florida Mike
I wanted to hunt Elk with BigDan but he won't let me use my cow call! lol

From: Rut Nut
I wonder how many elk have died as a result of BigDan's knowledge? (Directly AND Indirectly?! ;-)

From: willliamtell
BigDan is the hunter we'd all like to be.

Bump for a potential new hunter to check out

From: 12yards
He'd be even more amazing if he could make the rain stop.

From: tobywon
Don't know you Bigdan, but I've enjoyed your posts and respect your knowledge.

Sorry to go off track here but Norseman's comment "He walks on water" reminded me of George Steinbrenner. One of my favorites stories below. Enjoy if you wish to read.

Lou Piniella arrived at camp with the Yankees in Ft. Lauderdale in 1974. He walked into the clubhouse on his first day and quickly realized there wasn’t a uniform in his locker. Anxious to get on the field and get started, Piniella asked Yankees equipment manager Pete Sheehy what was going on. Sheehy told Piniella that George Steinbrenner saw him walking in from the parking lot and said that Steinbrenner wanted to talk to Piniella in his office.

Piniella did as he was ordered and walked into Steinbrenner’s office. He introduced himself as one of the new players from Kansas City, and he told Steinbrenner how excited he was to be with the Yankees. There was a problem though. Steinbrenner told Piniella, “We’re happy to have you here, but your hair is too long.” The Yankees had a strict hair policy under George Steinbrenner, a policy that existed until Steinbrenner’s death in 2010. Piniella didn’t see the problem with long hair, so he decided to debate (no surprise, right?). He told Steinbrenner, “Our Lord Jesus Christ was the greatest person who ever lived and he had long hair.” Steinbrenner didn’t say a word, instead he just grabbed Piniella by the hand and walked him across the street to the Ft. Lauderdale swimming pool. Steinbrenner pointed at the pool and told Piniella, “If you can walk across that water, you can wear your hair any way you want to.”

From: HeadHunter®
Dan's father was a major league ball player (I think). I can't remember exactly all Dan had told me (I'm old)... but Dan knows "ELK" .... and other critters too!

From: SBH
Great Story Tobywon!

From: GregE
Finally got around to listening. Very interesting and entertaining

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