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From: Medicinemann

Do the service plans require a contract? Can you use the mobile app for two or three months, and then turn it off, or is there an annual obligation?

From: Mark Watkins
But Pat, your suggestion would take us each waaay too much time...we'd rather just have you watch it, set up the cameras, do the real world testing and tell us the answers to our questions:)

And, speaking of questions....how many "bars" does one need of cell service for the Moultrie device need to send pics?

I've had very good luck with the Moultrie cameras over the years (especially the last 4-5 years)....am sure I will need to get a couple of these guys...


From: g5smoke21
Good review. I have been wondering about these and will likely now be purchasing

From: r-man
A poacher nightmare ,

From: Forest bows
So I went out and got one of these!!! Set up was easy and it works well here at the house. Will be taking it to Kansas soon. Can you get it to alert more than one person? Would be neet for the guys coming to hunt with me to get alerts sent to their phones. The only problem I for see is the critters really liking that silver cord!

Looks really cool, definitely useful. I messed a full month of pics in September this yr because a battery exploded after i put new ones in. We dont go into this area much to leave it undisturbed, and that is why it was a month since we checked. Intell we were expecting to get was not there. Woulda been great to know it wasnt functioning right away. The main worry i have is, the last couple moultries i bought take a TON of pics throughout the day, of nothing. Looks to me like its the heat of the day and the wind. I would imagine that would eat the data plan right up. Been afraid to buy a moultrie since. Great battery life, trigger speed and pucs arent bad. But i wade through a hundred pics on some really sunny days. Anyone know about how many pics would the $9.99 plan take in a month without goin over?

Pat, we do use the timelapse function for turkeys in the spring, a fantastic way to see when and how the turkeys are utilizing certain fields from a distance. We use the typical motion/30 sec delay trail cam function all other times of year. The issue i am having is definitely a different deal. It doesnt take a ton of pics on cloudy days, just sunny ones. It is mounted so it isnt taking direct sunlight, but it seems as if the brighter days just trigger pictures more for some reason. Those cams are pre-2015 anyway, so id need to get a new cam altogether to use the moultrie mobile, but i guess im just a lil worried of sinking a bunch of money into the new cam and the mobile and then having those same issues with a newer moultrie cam and blowing thru data.

Seriously looking into these but have a couple questions for the users:

1) Battery life on the modem vs. camera: I know the camera will last a while based on my experience with Moultrie (and most "good" cameras now) but am worried about the modem and how fast it drains batteries. Any thoughts or expectations on the model battery life?

2) Depending on the answer to "1"......Is there a way to add a solar panel and/or external battery to the modem?

3) Now that you have a good "winter" season in......anything you don't like or wish was different?

From: kellyharris
Forest bows hey feel free to send me your ID and password you have nothing to worry about!

I am going to check this out hopefully this weekend?

OK so what is the cost of the actual camera and modem?

Good to know......I'm thinking the panoramic camera and modem would be the cats ass

From: No Mercy
Great review Pat! Thank you!

Side Note-when using these cameras, animals are not admissible into Pope and Young Club or Boone and Crockett Club. Please read the hunting affidavit and fair chase forms for each respective club for more information.

From: Tugboat
First got the wireless last month, worked off and on for one week. Moultrie customer service was useless. Took wifi back and got a new one. Set it up yesterday, received email alert within two hours, went to app, no pictures and now after 18 hours, nothing. Need help or will return next weekend when I go out.

From: Mike/ky
A review from a sponsored product....

Watched the video last night. I might need to give that a try on some ground 30 miles away.

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