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Has anyone hunted with Bob Efford?
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AZ Toad 12-Dec-16
Kilduff18 14-Dec-16
gunslinger 14-Dec-16
Frank Noska 15-Dec-16
Adrenaline Russ 15-Dec-16
AZ Toad 16-Dec-16
APauls 16-Dec-16
Doubleforky 17-Dec-16
haole boy 21-Dec-16
krieger 25-Dec-16
Frank Noska 27-Dec-16
Bou'bound 18-Sep-23
MQQSE 18-Sep-23
BTM 20-Sep-23
midwest 20-Sep-23
Charlie Rehor 21-Sep-23
INbowdude 24-Sep-23
From: AZ Toad
Has anyone Bowhunted with Bob Efford for moose in Newfoumdland? When and how was your experience?

From: Kilduff18
My wife and I hunted with him. Wasn't a bow hunt though. But we had an awesome time both took bulls

From: gunslinger
bob efford is awesome guy, I killed a monster caribou with bob , not moose but I did see them, he is highly recommended from me and tell em hi from pat garrett. One of my only boone and crocket animals never forget the outfitter

From: Frank Noska

Frank Noska's embedded Photo
Frank Noska's embedded Photo
Bob and his wife, Charlene, are great people and work hard to make your hunt enjoyable and successful. Bob has a great area for BIG Woodland Caribou. Bob owns and flies his own aircraft also, which is a big plus. I bowhunted Woodland Caribou with the Efford's in October of 2015 and harvested a great bull. I recommend them!

I have hunted moose with Bob and my buddy hunted caribou. First class operation. I would go back in a heart beat.

From: AZ Toad
that is good to hear I am going to hunt moose with him in Sept. 2017. Thanks guys for your input very good info---AZTOAD

From: APauls
Very good friend of mine guides for him every year and they do very well. You might get him as your guide. Sounds like you're going to a good place!! I believe my buddy guides for the trophy package but I could be wrong.

From: Doubleforky

Doubleforky's embedded Photo
Doubleforky's embedded Photo
I hunted with them last year, rifle

From: haole boy
AZTOAD, I'll be hunting moose on the last week in September . Can't wait

From: krieger
Dang Frank! Is there anywhere you haven't been ?!?! lol. That's a dandy Woodie!

From: Frank Noska
Thanks. Yea, you can "run into" me pretty much anywhere in North America Bowhunting multiple species. I can't stay in Alaska all the time!

From: Bou'bound
Thoughts on this place?

They are good. There were three of us in camp on our caribou hunt. I took my bull the first day and the other two guys each arrowed a bull in the following days. Friends have hunted moose there too and done well.

From: BTM
Now waiting for a comment from the "This is an old thread" police. :)

From: midwest
I'd like to see Frank's bull pic...dang it.

I think he bought the Dolland Pond operation.

From: INbowdude
I bowhunted moose with them last week. 3 guys in camp, 1 archer shot his bull the first full day of hunting, another guy got his bull with a rifle the second to the last day, and I had 2 close stalks but didn't get a shot. We lost 2 days due to the weather. Also, got to stay in camp a couple of extra days thanks to Hurricane/Tropical Storm Lee. The closest bull was 71 yards. Saw bears, caribou, and moose every day we hunted.

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