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Wiley-BRCM 20-Oct-17
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CAS_HNTR 22-Oct-17
RTJ1980 22-Oct-17
Wiley-BRCM 22-Oct-17
Neubauer 28-Nov-17
Mad Trapper 28-Nov-17
From: Wiley-BRCM
Wanting to invest in a good Trail Camera SYSTEM. Love the concept of the Cuddeback Link system and the daisy-chaining of cameras to a "home" camera with "home" camera uploading all camera info. Significantly reduces cellular costs since one camera communicates for all cameras in the network - up to 15. On the other hand, looking at a lot of reviews, Cuddeback doesn't seem to have as good of a reputation as Moultrie. But Moultrie Mobile is expensive since each camera needs it's own account. Thoughts are appreciated - especially if anyone has experience with the Cuddeback Link System. Thx!

From: Trophyseeker
I use the Cuddelink system and really like it. I have 4 of the cameras and my buddy has 3. We link them all together on our property. We put the camera we have as the home unit on a tree where we park. The 6 other cameras send thier images to that home unit. We check the images before we leave the truck. It has worked great so far. It keeps us from having to physically go to every camera to check pictures keeping scent and human intrusion to a minimum.

How is the batter life on these cameras with all the picture transferring?

From: RTJ1980
Our group has 9 cameras set up on the link and it is great. So far battery life has been good. Our home unit is right next to camp and our furthest camera is about 8/10's of a mile away. We have yet to have any issues.

From: Wiley-BRCM
Thanks for the responses... any one use the feature that sends the pics to your home computer via a cellular link? It looked slick in the documentation. Hunt in west Alabama and live in N. GA. Would be nice to get the pics here.... Curious.

From: Neubauer
I would be interested to hear how these units are performing for the folks that use them. Great concert for sure! Thanks in advance

From: Mad Trapper
I am interested in these as well. How do they work in heavy foliage and hilly terrain? Do you need a clear line of sight from unit to unit?

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