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Are Crispi boots worth the money?
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wyonative1972 05-Nov-17
jrstegner 05-Nov-17
Pyrannah 05-Nov-17
Trial153 05-Nov-17
Z Barebow 05-Nov-17
md5252 05-Nov-17
0hndycp 05-Nov-17
Fulldraw1972 05-Nov-17
kota-man 05-Nov-17
BTM 06-Nov-17
ELKMAN 06-Nov-17
Denali 06-Nov-17
No Mercy 06-Nov-17
BowmanMD 06-Nov-17
EliteFan 07-Nov-17
GaryWilson18 05-Dec-17
ohiohunter 05-Dec-17
bad karma 05-Dec-17
I need to figure out a better pair of boots. My feet have become an issue the last couple years. I've used Under Armour Bozeman and Danner boots in the past. The Under Armours are nice, but the sole is not rigid enough for multi-day hunts and the Danner boots put pressure on my achilles. I'm considering Crispi boots, but they are fairly spendy. Are they worth it??

From: jrstegner
Yes, best boots I have owned. No break in needed, extremely sturdy and comfortable.

From: Pyrannah
I like mine also.. I’ve used those and zamberlans.. I think they zams are a bit better constructed but the crisis are darn nice

Good luck

From: Trial153
They are excellent products.

From: Z Barebow
I have the Crispi Wyoming boot and I really like them. Comfortable and not heavy.

From: md5252
Super nice boots and high quality

Ifi didn’t love my Asolo’s so much I’d get a pair of Crispi

I have the Crispi Nevada's and they are a great boot. Great quality and fit is fantastic. Used them in Colorado for archery elk season and in Wyoming for rifle season.

From: 0hndycp
Coming from a guy with a pair of Kenetrek, Solomon, Danner, Hanwag, and Lowa in the closet......Crispi have been far out performed them all! I’ve used them on early season archery mule deer hunts, September elk hunts in snow and rain, and late season mule deer hunts in upwards of a foot of snow. Feet have always been dry, comfortable, and no blisters. I’ve greased them regularly but that’s really only maintenance.

Boots are different fit for all, but based on performance I’d put Crispi at the top.

From: Fulldraw1972
I have the Crispi Summit GTX and love them. The toe box is a little on the narrow side. I knew this going in so I ordered wide. I am very happy I did. They fit perfect.

I never had to break them in. However the first day I wore them elk hunting this year I developed a blister on my heel. I never did treat it. Just laced the boots a little tighter and was good to go.

Not exactly sure how many miles I have on them this fall. It has to be pushing 200. They still look great.

From: kota-man
As with any boots...If they fit you right, yes they are worth it.

From: BTM
Amen, kota-man! I was just about to post the same thing.

Try the Zamberlans before you spend that money. FAAAR better boot in both quality, and fit.

From: Denali
2 them very much comparatively to my previous AKU,Kenetrek, and Meindl boots

From: No Mercy
Absolutely!! I have Kenetreks that never get worn anymore because I bought Crispis.

From: BowmanMD
Bought the Crispi Guide this year after trying the Lowas, Kennetreks, and Schnee's. Been on several hunts with the Crispis so far and love them. They replaced my Asolo's which I also loved, but after 7 years found out on a hunt in Alaska last year that they aren't fire-proof.

From: EliteFan
I have three pairs of Crispi's. I love them. I have wide feet and they fit me great. Kenetreks killed my feet but like everyone says, everybody is different.

From: GaryWilson18

GaryWilson18's Link
I completely agree with member Fulldraw1972. I am also thinking of buying Crispi GTX boot for hunting purpose. I think they are well worth your investment. Because its lacing system is superb, those laces fit evenly and do not make you uncomfortable when laced tightly. It is comparably a lightweight hunting boot and yet it keeps your feet warm and dry throughout your hunting.. Thats plus.

Internal insulation of this boot is great and above all the ankle support you get from this boot is at par with other similar category hunting boots. I strongly recommend you to think about this boot. Best of luck.

From: ohiohunter
Has anyone found a place to try on Crispis?

Wyo, if you can find an REI it would be worth your time to try on some boots like zam, lowa, asolo, etc... They also have a superb return policy.

From: bad karma
Good boots are worth the money. If you're having foot problems, you may want to talk to the folks at Lathrop and Sons, who are an outgrowth of a podiatrist's office. They can handle just about any foot issue you have, and even tweak the boots to fit it. Well worth the expense.

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