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From: TonyL
sorry if this had been discussed here before, bowsite seems to be lacking a search feature.

I just discovered this Tim Wells on YouTube. I find him entertaining, but I don’t know how I feel about running throws at big game with a spear or shooting sheep with a blowgun. Every shot he shows is a perfect kill shot, but I have to wonder how many of these animals he sticks in the leg with that spear and never finds? If you haven’t seen these videos, they’re worth a look.

From: TonyL
I just came across a video of his wife hunting. She shoots at this deer with every arrow in her quiver and misses it every time, and most of the shots weren’t even close. I can understand missing a deer, we’ve all done it, but 5 times in a row? You might want to put some more work in at the range before hunting big game

From: JL
There are a few threads about him. If you scroll to the bottom of the page and look under the column on the right side called "Site Support", you will see a search feature called "Bowsite Search".

From: TonyL
Oh cool, thanks! I couldn’t find it

From: Kodiak
He's the best shot I've ever seen. Shooting doves out of the air, without a sight, ain't no joke.

From: spike78
I admire him for his shooting ability but not sure if I like his ethics on his shows. Check out the video where he spears his own leg and almost bleeds to death.

From: APauls
Yes, it is very unethical to spear yourself in the leg. ;) Tim Wells is an entertainer and makes no mistake about it. I don't know how much he misses, but percentage-wise it's probably less than myself. He can make shots I could never make no matter how many arrows I send out there. To half waise consistently kill flying doves, pheasants with a bow is outstanding shooting.

From: Trial153
Tim can flat out get it done.

From: Florida Mike
Tim Wells is the best hunting show, he shows misses and tries to entertain.

From: DL
That spear in the leg was gruesome. Lucky he’s alive. Not many urgent cares in Africa other than a local witch doctor. Shooting a dove with a shotgun can be challenging but a bow??? That’s just crazy.

From: Buckiller
He is very entertaining. As for ethical? I can’t answer the question as I don’t know him personally. I do enjoy his show though.

From: 1boonr
I don’t care how good a shot he is I wouldn’t want this clown huntin within 10 miles of me. I wonder how many animals he wounds?

Trust me you will NEVER know that...^^^

From: LBshooter
After watching the video when he accidentally speared himself and laid helpless for six hours with a life threatening wound and was as calm as he was, you have to give him some props. Most would have paniced and bled out, not him and this is in a land where many predators will eat you. Amazing shot, shooting a griz in the eye, a dove in the air, his skills are superior.

From: Bowfreak
I wonder how well some of our beloved Bowsiters would fare if a camera followed them on all their hunts? I like Tim Wells. He is funny and is a great shot. Does he take shots he shouldn't? Probably does but with great ability the lines are blurred with regard to poor shot choices. Poor shot choices for the average are not that for the exceptional.

From: JLBSparks
I've been watching Tim Wells for about a decade. I think I've seen him miss twice.

The spear fell out of the tree while he was retrieving something on the ground. His phone was in the tree, also. I'd bet THAT doesn't happen,again.

He knows how good a shot he is (or isn't). If it is legal and he is confident in the shot, how can someone else impose THEIR ethics? JMHO


He is definitely a character.

I'd like to hear the story of the scene in his intro when the guy slugs him. LOL

I don't know him. He seems like we'd get along just fine though. One thing is for sure, he is a phenomenal shot that flat out gets it done.

I wander how many bowsite regulars miss too. I know quite a few shoot and don't find their animals. But, I have done enough of it to have been there my fair share of times and, more importantly, to know that if you hunt enough, it happens. No matter who you are. Which always makes me wander about those who post judgmental stuff about another bowhunter.

From: Bou'bound
Bowhunters eat their own

I got to meet him once, could not have been any nicer,,, square shooter,,,,

From: BTM
"I'd like to hear the story of the scene in his intro when the guy slugs him. LOL" It was staged.

From: Greg S
Enjoy his shows usually. One stands out where he rattles in a Coues deer in the timber...one of the coolest shows and high degree of difficulty to film.

From: TD
I'll never forget the shot on that big bear many years ago in one of his first videos. Wow. (VHS tape, which my high tech player at the time has long since eaten...) I have yet to see ANYONE make shooting squirrels out of trees with a bow look like so much fun.

Never met the man, but he's a hunting machine. I'm good with that.

From: APauls
Bou x2 Jealousy will always make some imagine hordes of maimed and wounded animals running rampant. The truth comes out on people one way or another, we don't need to fictitiously imagine sins of others just to make ourselves feel better about where we are at in life.

From: PA-R
X-2 WV Mountaineer

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