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From: gottoohunt
Today while in my tree stand I had two fawns come into view. They were bedded about 60 yards from me and when I saw them I thought they were brother and sister. He seemed to have some interest in her, grooming and getting close and smelling her. Then to my surprise he mounted her not once, not twice, not three time but four times and on the last mounting it did look as though he bred her (he made that forward thrust that I have seen when more mature buck are breeding). I want to know would it be possible for him to sire offspring at this young age?

From: deaver25btb

From: JTV
think of it this way.... is a 13 or 14 year old boy old enough to sire a teenage girl ?? ... Buttons can and do breed ...

Seems to me I figured it out about the 4th try too when I was a button buck...

From: GF
It’s possible he was shooting blanks, and it’s possible that it was a “play” type of activity but if he has the urge, he probably has enough testosterone in his system to be in production.

Do you have a terrible buck shortage where you are?

Kind of surprising to have a doe fawn cycling in the main rut, too, I’d think...

From: drycreek
Precocious behavior !

From: LKH
It doesn't take much of a buck shortage for a doe to be available. Here I regularly see a buck have a doe isolated in anopen wheat field for a day or two. It's been proven that bucks don't breed that many does so any shortage opens the window for the little guys.

From: Buffalo1
Boys will be boys !!

From: Franklin
I thought the same as GF...I thought those does if born early enough would not cycle until Dec/Jan at the earliest. I think it has more to do with her being able then him. Someone posted a pic of a spotted fawn in Nov. I thought this exact situation would cause this. Late to breed...late to fawn.

From: JTV
Whats that Bob Seeger tune.... "Night Moves" .... 'workin on mysteries without any clues' ..

From: Bowriter
Many years ago, some biologist, unthinkingly, put a button buck in a pen with some does about to come in season. He, the buck, not the biologist, bred them all.

Maybe that doe was not his sister, but rather his high school math teacher?

From: Butternut40

From: Scoot
JTV, I think your 13 year old boy analogy doesn't work at all. My son turns 13 next Monday and in my state of perpetual denial, I have concluded that there's no way a 13 year old boy could be capable of that! :)

From: Bloodtrail
Better kill that buck. Inferior genes according to his rack size. Don't want those kind of bucks in the gene pool breeding all those does. Haha I love when I hear that somebody say they took a "management buck". Lol

From: wildan
Last year I watched a button buck breed a doe twice in front of me;she looked to be an adult and I thought it was her fawn at first.

From: APauls
Well you know he'll be bragging to all the other button bucks this winter

From: elk yinzer
If his buttons aren't polished enough you better cull his ass.

From: midwest
That's why I only kill small the big bucks can do all the breeding. You trophy hunters are ruining hunting for everyone! ;-)

From: Brotsky
I guess now we know where non-typicals come from.

From: midwest
Non-typicals that play the banjo really well.

From: shawnm
Love the responses guys!!

From: TrapperKayak
Another Cougar doe seduction.

By the time I was twelve or 13 the "does" were real interesting. +fear of the unknown kept me in check. Deer are not bound by emotional restrictions. I never believed the bs of the dominant buck doing all the breeding . This is a case in point. If you want to improve the gene pool don't worry about deer concentrate on humans. There is more work to be done in that population.

I witnessed a button buck try and mount a mature doe yesterday. The other mature doe that was there, pinned her ears back and went after the button, scolding him. The BB was licking his nostrils and doing the oil check too.

Wow. I've never seen this. I need more seat time I guess... LOL

From: Killbuck
Shot a button buck several years ago that kept humping his BROTHER. Didn't figure he'd ever contribute to the gene pool with that trait.

From: scentman
got himself some for "under a buck"... ;) Killbuck, kinda like broke buck back mtn.

From: MT in MO

MT in MO's Link
Pretty sure no button buck can sire a yearling doe any more than a teenage boy can sire a teenage girl...Mate maybe, but not sire...8^)

To sire would entail a miracle of some kind like stopping time or something...8^)

From: APauls
Saw a spiker mount a doe a week ago as well. I know that's a year older but I was like Really? There isn't even any 2.5 year olds running around here that aren't already with a doe? Right in the wide open of a bald ass prairie field with snow on it at noon. Wham bam thank you ma'am.

From: wildan
As stated I saw a button buck breed a doe twice last year ;spikes for sure ,have that on video this year.

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