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A lot of you guys have them, so tell what is good and what is junk,,,, I already learned that my Halo is junk, used less than 10 times in 13 months,,,,, no fix, ,,,,,,,

So live and learn,,,, I want it to be waterproof, not water resistant,,,, I want it for archery, so do not need to read 1000 yards,,,,I want a life time warranty, not a year warranty, I want it to be easy and fast to read, nothing complicated, and I want it to work in low light,,,,,

I am layed up, so I can not get out, but when I can, I would look

thanks in advance

From: Ucsdryder
Leupold is fantastic. I have the 1200 tbr. Supposedly the newer vortex is good, the 1000 was slow as molasses.

From: caribou77
The vortex 1500 is great. Heard bad things about the 1000.

From: bad karma
Cabelas has the Sig Kilo 2000 on sale for $350. Ranges a lot further than you need, but it's reputed to be a very good setup.

Extremely happy with my Vortex 1500. It has everything you’re looking for and more.

From: Bou'bound
Sig kilo


From: Kurt
Five season old Leupold TBR 1000i is a great archery rangefinder. New 1200 would be my choice today.

From: Aubs8
Sig Sauer kilo 1250 or 2000 on sale would be my choice...I bought the 1250.

Take care. Mike

I’ve used a Nikon for the last five years with angle compensation and it works fine, however I recently upgraded to a Leica 1200 which is also a monocular , with angle compensation and a fantastic scan mode with aquiring a target.

Pricy though I can justify the cost after using it this season and look forward to use it during the Muzzleloader seasons.

From: Brotsky
Sig Kilo!

From: Kurt
Treestandwolf, does the Leica 1200 angle correct in scan mode? My 1000 does not. How fast does it display an angle corrected yardage? My 1000 takes over two seconds after the actual yardage is first displayed to switch to the corrected yardage. Anyway was curious if Leica corrected those two issues as they are serious shortcomings in my opinion and keep my Leica 1000 in the truck as a spare while the Leupold 1000 goes hunting.

From: APauls
I've about worn out the coating on my leupold RX1000TBR. Turned a lot of other guys on to the Leupold's and they love em. Fast, and have a red LED readout is key in decent optics.

From: jdee
I've been using a Leica for over 10 years . I don't know if there are any better ones but this one has been great !

From: carcus
Had a bushnell scout, still have it good range finder and its old, then got a vortex ranger, piece of crap, very slow, sold it, now have a leupold rx1200 and its awesome.

From: Buck Watcher
I did some research. Sig Kilo is my Christmas gift.

From: YZF-88
"Leupold is fantastic. I have the 1200 tbr". +1

From: planebow
I had a Leupold That I used for several years hen I bought a vortex 1000 and really liked it but did not like to double push the scan button to get it to scan, I just ordered the Sig 2200 from Cabela on sale. Tried one out at the store and really liked it.

From: Greg S
Had a Nikon archers choice and it was horrible, picked up ever piece of grass or brush along the path. Bought a Leupold and it is awesome. Works great and nice small package.

From: Matt
Sig is what I have and prefer to the Leica, Nikon, Vortex, and Nikon I have owned.

From: Kurt
It is a good day to buy the Leupold RX1200i TBR w/DNA for $249.99 at Cabelas today on their Black Friday sale.

From: SixLomaz
Make sure you get one that has illumination so you can see the numbers in the dark.

Sixlomax makes a VERY good point. in low light means a lot.

Kurt let me get back to you on the that. I'm pretty sure it does.

From: loopmtz
I've been using the Leica 1600b and love it. It is faster than any others "i've used before an it ranges a long way. I did some research on the Sig's and if I was to buy another it would be one of those.

From: Buffalo1
I have 2 rangefinders that I use for bowhunting.

My favorite is my Leupold RX-1200i.

My other rangefinder is an older Bushnell Scout 1000

Both have been trouble-free and reliable.

Sig Kilo 2000 has worked well for me this year.

From: elkstabber
I'm very happy with my Leupold Full Draw 2. It is easy to use. Plus, it survived my washing machine when I left it in my pants pocket. Yes, it is truly waterproof.

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