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Refacing bag targets.
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The Famous Grouse 24-Nov-17
TJS 24-Nov-17
GF 25-Nov-17
Ermine 25-Nov-17
I have a Hurricane bag target that's about shot out. All the bullseye spots are shredded.

Has anyone had any success refacing these targets?

I just went out and cut a couple of squares out of a feed sack that is the same material as the target. I used contact cement to glue the squares over the top of the shot out areas. They seem to have stuck really well. I'm thinking of getting more contact cement and doing all the spots. I figured I'd spray paint a circle onto each "patch" using a stencil.

Has anyone else tried this or any other method of extending the life of a bag target? Am I wasting time and $10 worth of contact cement?

I can't believe I'm the first one to think of this so just wanted to check before I burned 25% of the cost of a new bag only to find out what others know already.


From: TJS
You can find replacement covers for bag targets. I've simply put new bag over worn bag. I've done that about 5 times now. Replacements are hard to find, so I keep one on hand for when I need it. My bag stays out in the weather year round. I have to put new cover on it every 3-5 years. It's much cheaper than buying a whole new bag. I suppose you could sew a new bag cover out of corn sacks.

From: GF
No need for glue; just stuff the (entire) old target into a new bag....

From: Ermine
Rag bag cover. Get ones and put your old bag inside of it.

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