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CBE Tech Hybrid Pro
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Bowkill 26-Nov-17
expeditiontraders 26-Nov-17
32Timbers 26-Nov-17
Alaska at heart 27-Nov-17
Shaft2Long 28-Nov-17
From: Bowkill
Anyone shoot 3/D or indoor with this sight? Looks like it would be great for all types of archery.

I have two of them and would not recommend them. I have had a lot of difficulty I. Keeping them tight. The screws are constantly coming loose.

Earlier this afternoon, I just took them apart and put Lock-tite on them.

I love the sights if not for this problem.

From: 32Timbers
I have one also and do not care for the small yardage markers compared to something on a dial.

I've been shooting the CBE Tek line since 2013 when they were called the Tek Hunter Pro. Sold those for the 2014/15 upgrade and sold those two for 2016's. Not sure what kind of bow the fellow having trouble with screws is shooting, but I shoot Obsession and Prime and have had ZERO issues. I shoot inside a decently lit church gym during the cold months and I can see my single pin pretty well against the targets. Outside or with the included light on in low light it is crazy bright. Sorry I have nothing negative to add and am not on CBE/Scott's "staff"......just a longtime satisified customer.

From: Shaft2Long
I also have used this line of sights since they first came out. Only had screws loosen up once.

If you shoot a multi pin the huge windage mounting block will get in the way of your lower pins. Pretty bad design right there. I had to significantly cut down an Allen wrench to fit in the gap to adjust the pins I use for 60 and 70 yards.

I wouldn’t buy again just for that.

To be sure we’re talking apples and apples I’m talking about the tek hybrid pro multi pin slider on a dove tail bar.

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