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Which clover?
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JSW 27-Nov-17
flyingbrass 27-Nov-17
rodb 28-Nov-17
JSW 28-Nov-17
Mad Trapper 28-Nov-17
bighorn 28-Nov-17
JSW 06-Dec-17
Bowman 27-Dec-17
WFG in NM 27-Dec-17
elkstabber 27-Dec-17
From: JSW
I'm going to take 1 acre out of production and plant it to clover next year. It's been in beans for a couple of years and is pretty clean. It was double cropped and planted to wheat this fall but I'm going to hold it out next year and convert it to a food plot. Which clover variety works best for north central Kansas?

From: flyingbrass
Durana Clover! It's sold by Pennington.

JSW, I would broadcast some white (Durano or Ladino) with a medium red clover right into the wheat. Do this late winter. After your farmer cuts the wheat you may be surprised as to how much clover is there. Just a thought, GL.

From: rodb
If my plots are temporary I plant Red and Crimson. My permanent plots are all in Ladino.

From: JSW

From: Mad Trapper
I have had good success with Alice white clover from Welter Seed. I have also used Durana and find it a bit more difficult to get established and it is more expensive if memory serves. But once it is going, it is good stuff. If it is going to be a temporary plot though, I would use red or crimson. My experience is in PA, so I am not sure how well it will do in Kansas.

From: bighorn
planted Durana lasted 5 yrs.

From: JSW
It will be a permanent food plot. When the clover gives out, I'll rotate in something else and then do clover again, unless I find something I like better.

From: Bowman
I would plant Crimson and Berseem clover right into the wheat in the spring. In the fall, I would plant a mix of perennials with a cereal grain cover crop.

From: WFG in NM
Not to pirate your topic, I have some property at 8,000' and would like to see if I can get some clover started there.


From: elkstabber
In Virginia I have tried both Durana and Whitetail Institute's ladino clover. For me the clear winner was the Whitetail Institute. The deer preferred it. Both will last 5+ years. Look at Pat's clover instructions and follow them exactly for an attractive, cost effective, and long lasting plot.

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