Tight Spot Quivers
CBE Tech Hybrid Pro or HHA optimizer
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Bowkill 01-Dec-17
craig@work 01-Dec-17
Dave B 01-Dec-17
ground hunter 01-Dec-17
Cheesehead Mike 04-Dec-17
From: Bowkill
Which is more durable for hunting...CBE hybrid tech pro or HHA optimizer

From: craig@work
HHA. zero complaints

From: Dave B
I switched from HHA to CBE just to try something new and I prefer the CBE. No real good reason though. They are both solid pieces.

I have owned both, and am pretty rough on equipment,,,, they have held up well, and I crawled on the grasslands, and tore thru the woods, and dropped a few times,,,, I went to the CBE because I preferred a several pin system,,,,,,, either one is good

I currently have the CBE Tech Hybrid and like it a lot...

I had an HHA single pin slider in the past and no complaints on that either.

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