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Hoyt Stock String Quality
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Bou'bound 02-Dec-17
sdkhunter 02-Dec-17
kota-man 02-Dec-17
Dirk Diggler 03-Dec-17
HDE 03-Dec-17
Dino 03-Dec-17
ELKMAN 03-Dec-17
Pyrannah 03-Dec-17
HUNT MAN 03-Dec-17
sticksender 03-Dec-17
Trial153 03-Dec-17
spike78 03-Dec-17
RogBow 03-Dec-17
Grunt-N-Gobble 03-Dec-17
ELKMAN 04-Dec-17
LONEBULL 04-Dec-17
12yards 04-Dec-17
Bowfreak 04-Dec-17
From: Bou'bound
What have you found in regards to the quality of the current / recent years stock strings on Hoyt bows. Lousy, Acceptable, close to custom, equal to custom, etc.

From: sdkhunter
I like the Hoyt's 'bow wise' but I'm not a big fan of their strings (I've even considering a new Hoyt this year but if I do get one - I'll probably put a new string/cable set from day 1).... See a lot of cam timing issues with there stock strings and have seen a few that have string wear on the edges of the metal yoke barrels on the new bows)... For a top end bow I think they should be better....

From: kota-man
The last few years, I’ve been real happy with their strings.

From: Dirk Diggler
I can’t complain about there string other then i wish they used 24 strands of BCY X instead of 28.

From: HDE
Way better than some "top-of-the-line" custom strings I've bought...

From: Dino
Hoyt strings are excellent.

Some of the best in the industry for sure. Far better than some of the so called "custom" string builders. But if you do want the absolute finest after market call JBK. That guys stuff is as clean as anything I've ever seen, and stable.

From: Pyrannah
Hoyt strings are legit!!! At least from my experiences with some of the “good” ones

I? have had excellent lucky with Hoyt strings . Hunt

From: sticksender
They seemed to have figured out their stock strings a few years back. At one time it was standard practice among a lot of knowledgeable tuning guys to immediately replace the string set on a new Hoyt. But you very rarely hear of this nowadays. Personally I still wait until after the first 100 or so shots to finish tuning. But that’s true on custom built replacement strings also.

From: Trial153
Up until about 2 years ago the only thing they were good for was getting tossed in the trash. Lately they been serviceable. However I would still replace them with a set from a good string builder before I did a tune on a Hoyt.

From: spike78
I hope so. The last thing I would want to do on a $1500 bow is to buy strings for it. ELKMAN, how are the Mathews strings? Lol

From: RogBow
The factory strings used to be there just to hold the bow together imo. Good thing they have improved.

The factory set on my Nitrum held up well for 2 years. Once I shot them in, they held the tune well, but I did have to make a minor timing adjustment after that once or twice.

I have since switched to a custom set from a local builder.

Spike- I'm not sure. All the ones I build I put after market on.

I think they are excellent.

From: 12yards
I shot the stock set on a 2007 Vectrix XL for a couple years with no issues way back then. No peep issues. Same with a set on a 2010 Maxxis 35. Did have issues with stock strings on another manufacturer with peep turning.

From: Bowfreak
The only reason to swap stock strings now is if you want different colors. They are really good now.

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