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tobinsghost 06-Dec-17
g5smoke21 06-Dec-17
Franklin 06-Dec-17
RJ Hunt 06-Dec-17
APauls 07-Dec-17
From: tobinsghost
Been watching videos of hanging tree steps and reading about safety. Question, which steps are better for guys who wear big Aeroheads?!? All these YouTube vids show guys wearing hiking boots while climbing. Thoughts?

From: g5smoke21
Lone wolf sticks that i have work nice with the alphaburly boots

From: Franklin
Just about EVERY tree step will accommodate any size boot....this "one sided recommendation nonsense" is GETTING OLD. There are MANY options of tree climbing steps that will fit the bill....I have cheap ones that do as well as the expensive ones. When I was young I killed some of my BEST Whitetails crawling up a tree like a monkey. Don`t equate success with how much money you spend....screw you BS.

From: RJ Hunt
Wow. That seems a bit harsh. I think the part about what is getting old would be hammering someone for answering a simple question. I don’t post a lot but have been trying to keep things positive as this is a great site and the more that participate the better the site becomes. I think it is important to look at all gear and let the person who makes their money decide on how they will spend it. This comes from a guy (me) who won’t spent $50 on a camo shirt yet wears $400 boots in the mud every day. To each his own. Anyway. Back on topic. I use a standard muddy 20’ strap on ladder and works quite well with all my footwear. I think most importantly to take your time and stay tied off. Best of luck

From: APauls
LOL I clicked on two threads in a row where Franklin went off the rails.

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