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Windproof but breathable?
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From: tkjwonta
This might be a completely foolish search, but I'm looking for recommendations for a mid-layer jacket/hoody that is lightweight, somewhat breathable but also will help stop wind. My goal for this piece of gear is to wear when I'll be too active to wear my puffy, but might need more than just a base layer. Any ideas?

From: 4araquiver
Kuiu peloton 240 full zip, Sitka jet stream lite jacket, or the kuiu chinook jacket. One of these pieces might be what you are looking for

From: Jaquomo
Cabelas has tons of layers with Windshear. The Instinct series has several to choose from with Windshear, Primaloft, Polartec that should fit your bill.

From: Franklin
I understand this will be frowned upon but....a windproof piece of clothing will have a impermeable layer of fabric....this will cause buildup of moisture and inability of moisture transfer. This idea of purchasing $400 PARTS of garments is CRAZY. I have hunted just about EVERYWHERE and hunted just about EVERYTHING and NEVER did I ever spend $400 on a pair of pants or coat....those that have are FOOLS. I will compare MY WALL of TROPHIES against anyone's.....and I NEVER wore a $300 pair of pants!!!

Look for a mid layer that breathes really well for activity. Which is going to pretty much eliminate anything with a wind blocker in it. Save that for the outer layer. Here is why. Your kidneys and central nervous system gets cold on the backside first, IF you are wearing a back pack, it greatly aids on keeping you warm when in the wind. Because that pack will block a lot of it and really holds in the heat. Your front side is insulated better as well by your own body fat. So, don't worry about that as much.

Also, the same thing that helps you will sweat you badly if you are wearing a layer that doesn't breath well to move around in. So, save the wind blocker for the outer layer and stick to a climashield or primaloft mid layer.

Just my experiences and opinions. God Bless

From: yooper89
yeah Franklin.. what kind of fool spends their hard-earned money on something they want!

From: Paul@thefort
Phil, you must be having a bad day with a rant like that. I hope things get better for you.

From: LKH
Okay, I'm not sure why you want a wind bloc mid layer. I've got numerous wife made wind bloc material and if it's not on the outside, it really loses it's effectiveness

By that I mean if the outer layer isn't the wind bloc layer you lose a great deal of insulation.

Just read WV's post. I think we are saying the same thing.

From: WapitiBob
Buy a wind shirt and wear it as your outer layer.

From: Kurt
I think he wants a lighter (mid) layer that he will wear on top that blocks some wind??? Not sure, but if so, I've had good luck with a Cabelas Microtex shirt or Archer's jacket (obsolete now) and if it is really windy, putting on the KUIU Chugach rain coat which really cuts wind and is breathable to a degree.

Ambush has been swearing by the KUIU 240 Peloton full zip hoody for the application the past year as well, but I've not tried it. Good luck!

From: Will
There are a bunch of options. Many noted. For the price, those Cabelas options with windshear are really good.

I do what I think you are discussing OP when it's cold and windy especially. Ill do my normal base and sub layers. Then Ill do either a fleece windsheer from cabelas OR wind block stretch fleece vest or jacket from EMS (Eastern Mountain Sports) or REI (basically the same products) as my top inner layer. These add a little insulation, and I can wear them without the warm outer coat with wind block when hiking in/climbing... then get the heavy coat on when needed.

Think beyond "hunting" gear. You can find awesome layers like you describe in other places surprisingly cheap - like Sierra Trading Posts hiking gear or Campmor...

From: tkjwonta
Thanks guys for all the thoughts. I probably should have been more clear but I think the suggestions are on the right track. I have merino base layers that I wear for active hiking and a kuiu puffy to wear over top for prolonged glassing sessions where it gets cold and windy. I think what I'm looking for is a mid-weight layer to wear on top in semi-active situations. One that could stand up to going through some brush and also provide some warmth in short 5-10 min gassing sessions.

From: Ermine
Sitka timberline jacket

From: Brotsky
Kuiu guide jacket is what you're looking for.

Kuiu guide jacket. I bought mine almost exactly a year ago on sale for $150 (20% off). I see they are now $220. Still worth every penny. I am definitely not a high dollar camo clothing guy, but the breathability of this jacket is simply amazing. I used it with great success doing some serious hiking this November in MT. But I think I was most impressed using it for trapping and duck hunting the end of October when it was cold and windy but I was really active wearing waders.

From: rooster
Cabelas used to have their berber fleece hoody with wind stop. The wife has one and I have the vest. Both are nice pieces. I say used to because I don't know wether or not thay still carry them.

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