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Bow Case for Xmas
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wkochevar 07-Dec-17
76aggie 07-Dec-17
molsonarcher 07-Dec-17
jstephens61 07-Dec-17
Bou'bound 07-Dec-17
bonehead 07-Dec-17
Mr.C 08-Dec-17
Brotsky 08-Dec-17
wkochevar 08-Dec-17
loprofile 08-Dec-17
wkochevar 09-Dec-17
kentuckbowhnter 09-Dec-17
dg72a 10-Dec-17
Buffalo1 10-Dec-17
From: wkochevar
Looking for a bow case for my son for Xmas and I haven't been in this market for a while. I have a Pole Mountain that I love but it looks like they no longer manufacture their hard case. I am not interested in one of the luggage style cases but just a good solid airline approved hard case for transport and travel to protect a parallel limb bow. What is everyone using these days?? Thanks Kip

I have two SKB cases and both have worked great for protection and have survived baggage handlers at several airports. The older of the two I am considering selling. Let me know if you want to look at it.

From: 76aggie
X2 on the SKB case. However, they can be damaged by baggage handlers. They damaged mine in Atlanta coming home from a bear hunt. Delta tried to have it repaired but could not so they bought me a new one.

From: molsonarcher
I have the Plano version from WalMart. I took it to Canada the last 2 years with no issues at all. For about 100$ it works for me. I shoot a Mathews Monster, and with the bow, arrows, and my quiver, I still have room for lots more stuff. My HHS harness and a few extra sweatshirts fit nicely.

From: jstephens61
X3 on the SKB

From: Bou'bound
Skb double

From: bonehead
skb double lets you pack lots of clothes/gear and so have one less bag to check

From: Mr.C
SKB I think mines a series 1 cant remember ,seems tuff enough ,kind of heavy, has wheels for rolling through the ports, I can pack along with all the bow stuff a weeks worth of thermals, socks, underwear and small video cameras! kinda spending but so was the bow and everything else in there MikeC

From: Brotsky
I also use an SKB case.

From: wkochevar
Thanks for all the is appreciated. I have an older SKB and agree they are pretty tough cases, this one just wont fit a newer parallel limb bow. I was just wondering if there was a latest-greatest case out there I haven't heard about...Has anyone used the Lakewoods Products bow cases? thanks again!

From: loprofile
I love the Lakewood Bow Case. It loads from the top so you don't have to move it to remove bow, the quiver stays on the bow, and you can pack a ton of clothing in it with the bow when traveling.

From: wkochevar
loprofile, have you put that case on an airplane?


From: dg72a
Just ordered a SKB for myself. Merry Christmas.....

From: Buffalo1
Can normally get good prices on SKB cases from Optics Planet. Check their website & prices.

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