Spike camp or hike in and out part 2
Whitetail Deer
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Outside 07-Dec-17
Z Barebow 08-Dec-17
From: Outside
I have been thinking about the same for an area I love to hunt. It’s 2hrs on the way in and 2hrs on the way out. Elevation change is not terrible but the blow downs, beech brush, and thicker than thick laurel make it real difficult to navigate in the dark. Plus there’s a decent sized swamp that has to be navigated. I don’t like to mark my trails as I’ve had others follow me right into spots I’ve worked to hard to find. I’m chasing whitetails in NY. So my question is how close is too close before they blow out. I would keep a simple spike camp and play the wind to minimize the scent etc...

From: Z Barebow
A little different chasing WT's. You won't hear the deer at night, so you will be left to your scouting to know where to begin. If you have hills, set up camp to keep thermals away from your target area. One of the things to consider is how far do deer travel from feeding to bedding. If they travel long distances, you should be able to be ahead of them. Give it a shot and let it know how it turns out.

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