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Bowboy 14-Jul-18
From: Greg S
Leave in a week. Can’t believe it’s finally here. Booked this hunt 2.5 years ago and life goes by too fast with 3 kids, wife and a more than a full time job. Don’t usually post my hunts, but feel a little obligated since this is a great bulletin board and I have gotten to share in others adventures for many years.

Good Luck! Looking forward to hearing about your adventure.

From: pav
Best of luck Greg! Safe travels and enjoy! Looking forward to the hunt recap already!

From: Treeline

You will have an excellent adventure and a lifetime of memories to go with this one! Take lots and lots and lots of pictures! Then take more just in case - of everything!

Who are you going with and what are you hunting?

From: Greg S
Hunting the Liards with Jim Lancaster. Leave next Friday and driving up. Hunt starts the 16th. Still debating some of my gear. Mostly Quivilizer vs my tried and true stabilizer/tight spot combo. Can save about a half lb with Quivilizer...any opinions?

From: M.Pauls
Fantastic, all the best, stay safe and enjoy yourself! Please do share when you get back!

I usually go into panic mode before a hunt happens, and i rethink gear I’ve practised with. That usually gets me into trouble. I’m slowly learning. Personally I would roll with what you’ve got, now would not be the time to start experimenting, it’s a confidence killer

From: Chris S
I am no expert by any means but if it’s tried and true and your go to rig stay with it. Your totally familiar and second nature with it don’t change it before the hunt of a lifetime. Could be the couple extra seconds of getting a second arrrow out of the new quiver design that has the animal disappear or catch you moving versus you keeping eyes focused on target and your hand automatically taking the arrow out of the tight spot without looking. Good luck have a safe drive and take tons of pics!

From: Kurt
06-Jul-18 of luck on your Dall! Are you driving up the Canol Rd to mile post 222? I did that last year...neat trip hunting with Canol Outfitters in my case (adjacent to Lancasters) Loved seeing the Mackenzies and hunting there. If you are driving that route and want to chat, PM me your phone number.

I use a Tightspot and no stabilizer on my Prime Rival. Works for me. I always plan to remove the quiver if time allows and wind conditions warrant the change. That said I shot everything except one Coues deer with the quiver on the bow and no stabilizer over the past 46 years.

From: Matt
Saving a 1/2# on the bow isn't worth it *if* it causes you to sacrifice accuracy/forgivingness.

Good luck.

From: sticksender
Best of luck to you. IMO you are about to experience one of the best bowhunts on earth! Looking forward to a full report with pics.

From: Greg S
All good advice. I shall put my 8 in bee stinger back on. Also noticed there is advantage of protection for my sight that the Quivilizer doesn’t have in the up position.

From: kscowboy
What broadhead are you using?

From: Mr.C
good luck! be safe! I hope you find what your looking for MrC

Excellent, good luck...

Hunted with the Lancaster’s at Nahanni Butte in 2005. First class operation and really good folks. Be tough mentally and safe hunt.

I've only used the quivilizer on a few hunts, one was a goat hunt. Found that on extreme uphill/downhill I shoot better and even though I still check my level, I personally shoot better with it. On the other hand, if you're slower or fumble with it (I did a little at first), stay tried n true. Good luck

From: Slate
Good luck. Like Charlie said they are an awesome outfitter you picked one of the best. I hunted with them twice and shot 4 animals. I am planning on going back.

From: Trial153
I like the quiverlizer especially on hunts like this. I use it in the regular postion when packing in and moveing around and then deploy it when i make a stalk. I shoot very well with it, equal to a side/front bar combo that would be way too much to pack in. Good luck with your hunt!

From: Bowboy
Good luck and take lots of pictures.

From: geoffp
Good luck! Soak in every moment like it’s the last. It will be over before you know it. And YOU WILL WANT TO BE BACK THERE!! Most magical place on earth and most incredible animals (IMHO).

From: Neubauer
Can’t wait to follow this thread! My dream hunt... Best of luck and stay safe


From: caribou77
First off, best of luck to you and thanks for taking us along. Take plenty of pics. Your time is gonna fly by! Make sure to relax, enjoy your surroundings and remember how lucky you are.

As far as your setup, personally I would not change this late in the game. Some people can and have no issues with it. I personally am not one of them. I have never used a quivalizer but question it in the wind? Seems as if you would get a lot more bow movement on a windy day.

From: Bliz6
Good luck! One of the greatest bowhunts on the planet!!!


Looking forward to your recap. Have a great hunt. Good luck!

From: Mark Watkins

Go with whatever drives your confidence!

Best of luck!


From: Ambush
Good luck, hunt hard, shoot straight!!

Every day is a new day. Greet each one with optimism and wonder!

From: Greg S
Travel update. Driving up from Astoria OR to make it more of adventure. Day one was slow and awful due to Seattle traffic and a bad crash once in BC. Day two is much better so far. Frazier canyon was really cool to see. Best sign I saw today was “we have beer colder than your ex’s heart!”. Made it to Quesnel for a late lunch. Was hoping to make it to Ft Nelson tonite but don’t think that’s in my best interest so am likely going to have to settle for Ft St John and do 8 hours tomorrow instead of the 3.5 I was planning.

From: Bowboy
Good luck and shoot straight!

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